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  • Joy of Rome is...

    – Joy of Rome gave us a unique and exceptional day that we will not forget: professionalism, attention and great capacity for involvement. Super super recommended. –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – We loved this tour! Their guide was wonderful and the tour at night was magical! We got so much more out of the experience this way and thoroughly enjoyed our time. –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – Our family has learned a lot from her and we are grateful for her hard work and effort. It’s well worth the time to plan a tour with Joy of Rome. –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – Our guide was a friendly and engaging leader and the brilliant tour she gave us simply opened up the city for us. –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – Our guide, a Phd in this period of art history was tremendously knowledgeable about the works of art, the artist, the noble patrons who supported his work and recent historical discoveries about the troubled life of this mercurial fellow. –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – The guide showed my wife, our six year old son and I around the Colossuem. We all loved it. Very engaging, very informative and very friendly. Removed all the potential stress from visiting such a busy and popular attraction. Worth every penny. Thanks! –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – She was professional and knowledgeable and tailored her commentary to our needs. Her words brought to life the beauty and significance of what we saw and gave us a deeper appreciation for the history and people of the area! –

  • Joy of Rome is...

    – She answered all our questions and provided tremendous added value with her observations and insight, as well as her organizational skills in securing reservations and tickets. Our family has learned a lot from her and we are grateful for her hard work and effort. It’s well worth the time to plan a tour with Joy of Rome and certainly worth the money! –

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... quotes Joy of Rome’s virtual tours to enjoy art at Covid-19’s time.


colosseum and ancient rome for kids

Are you a parent who loves art but is worried about the rest of the family?

We want to keep you all together! Our offer of family-friendly private tours in Rome is designed to create an exciting art experience for all different ages! You’ll skip the line to access Museums and Archaeological sites, then the fun begins!
We know that touring with children or elderly members of your team can be a challenge: our specifically trained tour guides will make a difference! Check the list of tours in Rome tailored to make your entire “team” happy and feel free to ask for any other special need!

Any examples?

Vatican Museums
for Kids!

Skip the line to explore the Sistine Chapel with a 2 hours private kids-friendly tour with a guide specialized in fworking with families

skip the line:

Skip the line and discover the Colosseum in a 2 hours private family-friendly experience with a guide specialized in fun education! 

a family-friendly tour in the city centre

Explore the highlights of Rome downtown in a 2 hours private family-friendly experience perfect for all ages! Enjoy Navona square, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain with a fun and entertaining guide!


skip the line colosseum roman forum pantheon joy of rome

ROME!! You’ve watched movies about it, studied it in school, read about it in books, and now you are finally coming here! 

Check our list of skip the line private walking tours  and travel back to 2000 years ago. Follow our knowledgeable, flexible, friendly guides through more than 12 centuries of ancient Roman history, fulfil your expectations without any stress.

Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, the Appian Way, the Aqueducts and the Thermal Baths: live the experience with a personal approach  from the time of Romulus, Remus and the She-Wolf up to the Barbarian invasions.  No fear, Joy of Rome guides will be at your side!
And if you can’t find the option for your super special needs, ask. We will create it for you. 

Any examples?

skip the line: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine

Enter the Colosseum and climb up to the second tier, see the Arch of Constantine, explore the ancient Roman Forum, the Holy street and the Arch of Titus then an (easy) climb of thePalatine Hill to visit the ruins of Caesars’ Palace.

skip the line: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon

If you have just one day in Rome, but you love Ancient History and don’t want to miss a thing… this is the tour you need! A day will be enough to see the main wonders of Rome, and we will give you an unforgettable day in the Eternal City!

The Baths of Caracalla Tour

Explore the remains of the thermal baths of the Emperor Caracalla in 2 hours with a guide specialized in working with family and children! Ancient Swimming pools , steam secret system, stunning mosaics and… interaction!

Joyful VATICAN Tours

Vaticans Museums in depth with Joy of Rome gabriella-clare-marino-Y6a-mUa24CA-unsplash

The Vatican Museums: second most visited in the world, one of the largest collection of art ever created, famous all over the globe. 
54 sections, 20,000 artworks on display, more than 500 rooms: impressive numbers that require different visit’s approaches.

We designed many ways to explore the Museums and the Sistine Chapel, a selection of private experiences for any need and taste. From a speedy tour to one in-depth, our highly qualified guides will guarantee the perfect experience for you and your family. 

Check our list of Vatican Museums experiences and join the one that suits you better. And if you can’t find the option for your super special need, ask for it. We will create it for you. 

Any examples?

Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Tour

Visit the Popes’ ancient Roman collection, the wonderful Gallery of the Tapestries, the amazing Gallery of the Geographical Maps, the breathtaking Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

The magnificent
and its Square

Visit St. Peter’s Basilica and its magnificent square with a licensed and local Roman guide: we will reveal you the history and secrets of this magnificent church, built by Michelangelo, and its spectacular baroque colunnade, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Vatican Museums special Tour
friday night

The Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Friday Night tour offers you the opportunity to experience the highlights of this world-famous collection during a limited period of time each year, for a unique experience outside of official opening hours.

Joyful CITY WALKS “ticket free”

The Four Rivers Fountain, Bernini tour by joy of rome

Ready to discover the “walk side” of Rome?
The eternal city is an open-air museum, everybody knows it, and these ticket free-tours will show you a wonderful path through the centuries and the human’s creativity and culture.

Follow us from the engineering of Ancient Rome to the elegance of the Barocco, discover the secret Medieval corners of our astonishing city and look up to the ceilings of the XVIII Century.
Don’t miss a Joyful Walking Tour in Rome!

Any examples?

On the trail
of Caravaggio

A private 2 hours walking tour in the city centre of Rome covering 3 churches and 6 paintings made by the genius CARAVAGGIO. Discover his life, his torment and enjoy his masterpieces following a licensed guide expert in art history. 

Street Art
in Rome Tour

We are street art lovers and experts! Follow us beyond the walls of Rome: a private walking tour to discover street art works with a guide specialized in wall paintings. Ostiense district is our favourite choice but we can show you much more!

walking Tour

A private 2 hours walking tour exploring the most typical area of the city centre of Rome: the Jewish Quarter. Your guide will be specialized in roman history and show you both sites related to the history of the Jewish community and…Food!


David by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Borghese Gallery guided tour with an art historian)

OH MY! Too many choices! Galleries, Museums, Archaeological sites.

No fear, Joy of Rome created a selection of favourites. The collections you cannot miss, the masterpieces you’ve always dreamed of. We got you!

A Private Guided Tour with a highly specialized licensed guide is ready to unveil centuries of art and history and make the best out of your time. 
All the tours are PRIVATE and with SKIP THE LINE OPTION.  
Whether you choose a Gallery or an archeological site, one thing will be the same: perfection.

And if you can’t find the option for your super special needs, ask. We will create it for you.

Any examples?

Borghese Gallery
with an
Art Historian

The Borghese gallery is a beautiful example of the taste in art the wealthy Roman’s habit of collecting during the XVII Century. Even if you are familiar with the park as a place for Sunday picnics or if you’re curious about the casino, don’t think twice about adding this tour to your list!

Capitoline Museums
with an

On Capitoline Hill, once the place where the Temple of Jupiter overlooked the city of Rome, there is the oldest archeological museum in the world. Explore the story of Rome with this Capitoline Museums Private Tour and follow our licensed, local archaeologist and super entertaining guide through each of the rooms…

Trastevere-Villa Farnesina: raphael frescos

A private 2 hours long tour discovering Villa Farnesina and its masterpieces. From the Galatea by Raphael to the story of Agostino Chigi’s power in the Rome of the Renaissance, your art historian guide will disclose the secrets of the paintings and the background stories behind the life of Popes and artists. 

FOOD and others Tours

Villa_Hadriana_(Villa_Adriana_Tivoli)_1000_12 FrDr, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Food lovers and explorers: this is the selection of experiences created for you!

Love to go off the beaten path and are a foodie?! Our offer of “beyond the walls” tours in Rome is designed to create the perfect experience for all different tastes!

You’ll discover incredible Archaeological sites without too many visitors just few minutes outside the city centre (yes, we can share the secret!) and you can also choose between a wine tasting or a street food walking tour in Rome. 
Whether you are allergic to crowd or glutine, we know how to help you with alternative choices to enjoy Rome your way!

Any examples?

rome food

A holiday in Rome is not just about monuments, art and history, it’s much more! enjoy the Italian lifestyle beginning from our food!… definitely the best way to start! We have 10 different food tours, according to your food passions and taste… choose yours!


Enjoy the two of the most splendid sites outside of Rome: the ancient Villa of the Emperor Hadrian, where he used to escape to find a relaxing, private and exotic refuge, and Villa d’Este, a Renaissance jewel built by a cardinal in the 1500 and decorated with hundreds of unique fountains and breathtaking panoramic views.


The Ostia Antica Tour is a full immersion into the everyday life of the colony. Our local, licensed guides will show you the river port’s districts, its cults and religious buildings, houses and spas with their beautiful mosaics and remnants of artworks.


A virtual tour it’s a wonderful way to spend time with friends and relatives everywhere in the world!​

Follow your guide live through the city streets and experience the thrill of traveling without moving.


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    star rating  Francesca‘s narrative is always the best. She is our joy of Rome. No one brings Rome to life better.

    October 18, 2022
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  • star rating  Francesca was a great guide. She engaged with my 8 yo and had lots of interesting details to share. Definitely a must do tour in Rome.

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    star rating  Great tour with not just historical facts but plenty of anecdotes that kept the teenagers attentive the whole time. Massimo was just fantastic. Period.

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    Our tour guide was Sarena. This was an... read more

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    Would highly recommend this company and your .
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    I... read more

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    star rating  We were looking for an engaging, informative tour of the Colosseum for our kids (and us!) and Serena was the perfect solution. She brought the experience to life through storytelling... read more

    February 20, 2022

    We followed 2 tours (becoz 1 is definitely not enough), separately with Serena for Caravaggio theme and Massimo for Dark Ladies theme. To say... read more

    February 4, 2022


Planning a trip to Tuscany? Check our joyful TOURS in FLORENCE!


Can a guided tour in one of the most famous cities of the world be green and sustainable? The answer is YES! And we wil explain why and how:

Can you reduce the impact on the enviroment with a guided tour?
How: Easy! by walking! It’s healthy for you, for us and for the city.
Why: Rome City Center is an UNESCO world heritage site, it is worth to walk, history and art are all around.

Can you do something that can be sustainable for this City??
How: Stay away from the madding crowd! You can experience Rome at its best without being an element of overtoursim. Discover something different from the overcrowded venues.
Why: Masterpieces of Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio and Roman Ruins are everywhere around the city. Rome is full of underdiscoreved gems. You will support small venues, and small business!

Can you experience a Roman style in sustainable way?
How: Go local for food, for drinking, for shopping. Even in the city center you can find real local food, local markets, local artisans.
Why: You can support the local food system even in an urban context, boosting local employment and preserving biodiversity. Shortening food supply chains is possible.

Can you get integrated in the Roman life?
How: Come with us to the neighbourhoods! See the ordinary and real way of living and get in touch with neighbourhood street art.
Why: You can change perspective and see the everyday life of a twentyfirst century city. You can see how ordinary life can be extraordinary!