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Private Ancient Rome Tours

Welcome to Joy of Rome Tours, archaeology's lovers!

Ancient Rome Private Tours
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ROME!! You’ve watched movies about it, studied it in school, read about it in books, and now you are finally coming here! 

Check our list of skip the line private walking tours  and travel back to 2000 years ago. Follow our knowledgeable, flexible, friendly guides through more than 12 centuries of ancient Roman history, fulfil your expectations without any stress.

Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, the Appian Way, the Aqueducts and the Thermal Baths: live the experience with a personal approach and… No fear, Joy of Rome guides will be at your side!
And if you can’t find the option for your super special needs, ask. We will create it for you.

Try these Tours in the past!

Ancient Rome Tour short and fast

from 130€ per tour

from 150€ per tour

Ancient Rome Tour
short and fast

Skip the line with our Colosseum  tour! Start your journey into the Ancient Roman world. Focus on the marvels of the free shows the Emperor offered to the people of Rome, live the atmosphere of gladiator fights and wild animal hunts with the “extras”, the executions.

Ancient Rome skip the line tour

from 160€ per tour


An Ancient Rome Guided Tour is tailored to satisfy all your curiosity. You are walking on the cobble stones of the Eternal City: the city from where, more than 2000 years ago, the fate of a huge empire was decided by charismatic and unscrupulous emperors!

skip the line colosseum roman forum pantheon joy of rome

from 200€ per tour

skip the line: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon

If you have just one day in Rome, but you love Ancient History and don’t want to miss a thing… this is the tour you need! A day will be enough to see the main wonders of Rome, and we will give you an unforgettable day in the Eternal City!

Caracalla Baths Walking Tour

from 140€ per tour

The Baths of Caracalla Tour

Skip the line and discover the most spectacular remains of the Thermal Baths of the Past: the ones of Emperor Caracalla! 2 hours tour with a guide specialized in fun education! 

Underground Rome Tour

from 160€ per tour

Rome Tour

Discover the many levels of Saint Clement’s Church and its Underground and walk in the ancient Coelian district to discover Roman Houses under the Church of Saint John and Paul with our licensed and local guides!

Rome, Catacombs of Callixtus, The Crypt of the Popes - photo by Dnalor 01 Wikimedia Commons

only private

Catacombs and the Capuchin Crypts Tour

Rome has so many that you could travel the entire city passing through the tunnels and passageways of this incredible subterranean cemetery. Explore one of them together and then visit the famous crypt of the bones of the Capuchins! Scared?

Aqueduct Park of Rome Walking Tour

upon request


Go off the beaten path and discover the stunning park of the Aqueducts in Rome: a private 2 hours walking tour with a guide specilized in archaeology discovering the remains and the paths of the most incredible engineering masterpieces ever made by the ancient romans.
Res Gestae Augustus on the Ara Pacis Caesar and August Tour Joy of Rome

upon request


Let’s step into history and see with our eyes what we’ve always read about, let’s follow the footsteps of Julius Caesar and Augustus in the Eternal City!
We will admire monuments and sites in town that will tell the story of the ones that made Rome great!

Romolus and Remos drinking milk from the shewolf capitoline museums joy of rome

upon request

Capitoline Museums
with an

On Capitoline Hill, once the place where the Temple of Jupiter overlooked the city of Rome, there is the oldest archeological museum in the world. Explore the story of Rome with this Capitoline Museums Private Tour and follow our licensed, local archaeologist and super entertaining guide through each of the rooms…

Are you travelling with curious kids?

colosseum and ancient rome for kids

from 150€ per family


Skip the line and discover the Colosseum! Gladiators, animals fights and… interaction! 2 hours tour with a guide specialized in fun education! 

bread and circus sport and fun in ancient rome

from 140€ per family

Sports and Fun
in Ancient Rome

Skip the line and discover the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus! Gladiators, animals fights and chariot races. Learn about the sports of the past!


Joy of Rome take you and your kids to enjoy the best Rome’s Museums and archeological sites.

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See you in Rome! 🙂