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francesca pagliaro joy of rome


art historian

Ciao! My name is Francesca and my city, Rome, is my passion along with whales and tea (but don’t tell my napolitan mother, she thinks coffee is the only beverage permitted)! I have an Art History degree and I specialized on Italian Renaissance Art. I am a licensed Tour Guide in Rome, I have been providing tours of all the sites of the “eternal city” since 2008 and, above all, I always use all my enthusiasm and passion to try to make every tour a “once in a life time” experience.

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Just like a whale every site of my city is unique and special and you need to know where to go to find the real treats I studied a lot, in every condition and noisy place, with my dog barking and as a student with my mother kitchen noises around.
I wanted to be knowledgeable and professional, but It has always been very clear in my mind what i wanted to offer:

knowledge for sure but i wanted to fulfill your desires, and priorities,
the ones I realized that were sometimes ignored by others,
I don’t want to teach anything! I want to share a unique experience with you.
I believe I became a tour guide when I realized what was missing: clients were never helped and supported in their choices and most of times were simply addressed to take pre-planned packages not relating to their interest, energies and personality!
I hope that seeing ruins, paintings and the hundreds of treasures through my eyes will help you in making Rome one of your favorite city in the world.
I believe the only possible right choice is… your choice, my aim is very simple: helping you to get the experience you and your loved ones are looking for. 

angelica puja joy of rome



My name is Angelica, I was born and bred in Rome, grown up surrounded by its beauty. So in love with my city that I started studying it… I graduated first in Archaeology and then in ancient art conservation and I kept on studying and completed a PhD in ancient history. I am a licensed tour guide (this among other things is a guarantee of quality), I started working as a tour guide 18 years ago, for other companies and, the more I observed others, the more I started thinking the way I wanted to do it!

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I realize how much love my work every time I see the enthusiasm in your eyes and every time this happens I realize I did it right. I love my city and I want you to fall in love with it the same way i did.
I don’t want to impose what I like I want to give you the opportunity to enjoy my city your way. I am happy to offer my expertise and skills, knowledge and passion to get the best out of your time here. I will love to help you in finding your personal unique way to enjoy this extraordinary time of your life.
The Eternal City is an endless surprise, full of secrets and history, hidden under its breathtaking beauty, its unwritten rules, its hectic rhythm! I’d love to transport you through its millenary history, sure that you will find out that learning has never been so pleasant!
I can’t wait to show you how joyful and how much fun it will be to discover it.

alessandra joy of rome


tour leader

Travel addicted, in love with planning and organizing events and conventions. Licensed tour leader for 10 years she is focused on management of logistics and incoming operational solutions…

the Key Guides

francesca di marzo joy of rome


art historian & art educator

Ciao! I’m Francesca (yes, another one…that’s a pretty common name in Italy!) and I’m proud to be a 100% roman girl. I’m an Art historian and Art educator, my dissertation was about the Divine painter: Raphael! I enjoy guiding families with kids exploring the Eternal city. I’m -of course- a licensed tour guide, which means that I have studied a bit to conquer the qualification 😉

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My city is my first love and I’m still in love with it, I still enjoy exploring all the tiny roads downtown, eating a truly roman gelato, walking around with my friends during a summer evening.
But above all, what I love of my city are the surprising lights shed over the roofs during the sunset, Rome is lighted by a unique pink light (or blue, orange, red) leaving us simply breathless!
Follow me and we will learn together about the everyday life of the ancient Rome or what the Pope told to Michelangelo when he admired, for the very first time, the Sistine Chapel just been completed.
If you are looking for a passionate, smiling, genuine tour guide, here I am!
… And don’t forget, all the roads lead to Rome, so come on…enjoy all this with me!

maria grazia barbieri joy of rome

Maria Grazia

art historian

Hi. My name is Maria Grazia, but if you think that it is too long to remember, then call me “Grace”, as all of my friends do! I was born in Rome and probably I fell in love with my city the day I opened my eyes. I’ve studied art history and after the graduation I started working as a researcher but… something was missing! My city was calling me! The treasure hiding in the amazing light of Rome was asking me to get out of a library, where I used to spend all day, and find a way to share my love for my city with other people.

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I love to travel myself and I’ve been guided by a lot of people, but something was missing.  The fondness, the love and the enthusiasm for what they were doing. So I’ve decided to become a guide and it was not easy at all! I studied every corner of Rome. The history behind the stones and the story behind the names. Furthermore, the more I studied the more I understood that Rome has so much to show and it is just waiting to be discovered and experienced. As a qualified and enthusiastic guide of Rome, a passionate naturally blonde, an authentic local, let me help you in creating the best memories out or your visit. Tell me what you like and I’m sure we will find in Rome, something you’ll love! We will take pictures, we will shoot videos, but above all remember that our eyes are the best camera we have, our brain is the best computer ever and our heart is were all our emotion will be stored forever… let’s enjoy memorable moments together!!

arianna joy of rome


art historian

Kids love her! Arianna is an art historian qualified guide working with families for 10 years. We promise: you will want to bring her home with you. Only problem: we will never let her go! 🙂

… and the whole Joy of Rome team!

silvia monti joy of rome


Energy is the key! Silvia is a super dynamic, bright archaeologist! She will make you feel at home everywhere in Rome with her warm smile!

rossella joy of rome


Her perfect English, her warm personality and the vast knowledge of the territory makes her one of the best guides in Rome. She is a natural born storyteller!

michele joy of rome


He is the perfect incarnation of a Joy of Rome guide: knowledgeable, personable, qualified but above all a great human being. Michele will take your hand for a unforgettable journey!

stefania faro joy of rome


She knows literally everything about Rome. If you are super curious and have plenty of time… She can talk about each and every stone of Rome for hours!

valeria paolini joy of rome


Humor, patience and knowledge. Valeria is a super guide who always knows where to find exactly what you need and what you are looking for: try her!

ilaria joy of rome


Imagine a PhD art historian + licensed guide + art curator + professional dancer and you’ll have an idea of Ilaria. Ready for the show?

salvatore joy of rome


He is a musician, historian, licensed guide with such a vast knowledge that he can guide you literally everywhere! We challenge you: try to ask a question he cannot answer and you’ll get a free tour!

marta joy of rome


She can capture the attention of, literally, everyone! From the moment she stars to the moment she ends the tour you will feel like a minute has passed!

nicole joy of rome


Nicole is sweetness and passion perfectly mixed together. She is a PHD archaeologist that knows how to turn thousands of complicated facts into a story you will never want to end!

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