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Garbatella foto della insegna stradale

Garbatella: a fashinating diversion

The FINANCIAL TIMES has recently recommended the Garbatella district as “a fascinating diversion from the centre” and, we don’t mean to brag but we knew it already 😊 Perfect mix of Roman spirit, history, architecture and street art hardly recognizable [...]

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Francesca Pagliaro of Joy of Rome explaining the highlights of Rome

Educational tours for schools

ROME is great for EDUCATIONAL TRIPS! Are you a teacher or a school principal ready to organise a trip to Rome with your students? We are here for you! Joy of Rome team organise and creates tailored educational tours for [...]

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San Paolo Fuori le Mura Meyasu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Three Basilicas of the Popes

If you want to be a real pilgrim, then you need to see more than only Saint Peter’s Basilica. Check the list of the three papal basilicas that you visit in our dedicated tour: The Basilica of San Giovanni in [...]

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Rome, Catacombs of Callixtus, The Crypt of the Popes - photo by Dnalor 01 Wikimedia Commons

Our selection of Catacombs in Rome: the best 4

Chose one of  these catacombs for our tour. On the Via Labicana the Catacomb of Saint Marcellino and Peter closed on Thursdays Our top choice! Defenetly the best preserved and less crowded catacomb in Rome. On the Casilina way, the [...]

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500 years of Raphael in Rome: let’s celebrate!

Leonardo’s year have passed and now we are gloriousing starting the celebrations for another genius of the XVI Century: Raffaello Sanzio! Yes, him. The golden boy, the enfant prodige the one who was loved by everybody from Florence to Rome, [...]

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Joy of Rome private tour in Rome logo

Joy of… ITALY

Ok, for Rome you are covered! Joy of Rome guides are here for you! But what about the rest of Italy. We hear you: “do you know any great guide in Florence and Tuscany“? Or Sicily? Can you recommend a [...]

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roma pass of 48 and 72 hours

Is Roma Pass still good for Colosseum and Borghese Gallery?

First things first: we all love and want to skip the lines and we keep doing it in all our Colosseum and Borghese Gallery tours! If you have the intention of booking a tour, contact us before buying your tickets! We know all the little secrets [...]

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Ancient Rome S.U.P.E.R. ticket for SUPER tourists!

The SUPER ticket is a skip the line cumulative 2 days ticket that allows you to enjoy some specific sites both at the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill enhanced with projections, light mapping and voice narration, together with the usual Colosseum, [...]

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Aqueduct Park of Rome Walking Tour

Top 5: tips for jogging in Rome

What we talk abut when we talk about jogging in Rome, ain’t that far from Murakami’s point of view. You will run where everybody’s already run, since forever. You will be embraced by the echoes of a different age, when [...]

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Wi-Fi in Rome?

You arrive in Rome, you check-in at the hotel and the first question you ask to the concierge is: Do you have any wi-fi? Ok, that’s a lie, you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen that hotel. Your [...]

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Easter in Rome: What to expect during your visit

Easter in Rome is a time of religious insight, the long-awaited warmth of Spring, plus a unique glimpse into the culture for an epic experience. While the weather may not always be predictable, Spring in Rome represents bidding farewell to [...]

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Fontana delle Anfore a Testaccio malditofriki, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Testaccio district: 5 must see places

Testaccio district: 5 must see places? Let’s make it clear from the very beginning: Testaccio district is itself a must see place to visit when in Rome. That said, as well as in Trastevere (but let’s face it: it’s far [...]

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