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Private Rome Walking Tours

Welcome to Joy of Rome Tours, walkers from the world!

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Ready to discover the “walk side” of Rome?
The eternal city is an open-air museum, everybody knows it, and these tours will show you a wonderful path through the centuries and the human’s creativity and culture.

Follow us from the engineering of Ancient Rome to the elegance of the Barocco, discover the secret Medieval corners of our astonishing city and look up to the ceilings of the XVIII Century.

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Trevi Fountain

of Rome
Walking Tour

Step into beauty and history!! This 2,5 hours walking tour will take you to the most famous squares of Rome: Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps! Admire the monuments and you will be captured by the stories behind them…things you won’t find in books! 

Twilights of Rome and a glass of wine

Glass of wine
for happy hour!

This 2 hour walking tour at the sunset will make you step into beauty and history! Your guide will take you to the most famous squares of Rome, and while you admire the monuments, you will be captivated by the stories behind them… tales you won’t find in books! All illuminated by the best light of the day: the sunset light.

jewish ghetto guided tour joy of rome

walking Tour

A private 2 hours walking tour exploring the most typical area of the city centre of Rome: the Jewish Quarter. Your guide will be specialized in roman history and show you both sites related to the history of the Jewish community and…Food! 

The Entombment of Christ-Caravaggio (c.1602-3)Caravaggio walking Tour Joy of Rome

On the trail
of Caravaggio

A private 2 hours walking tour in the city centre of Rome covering 3 churches and 6 paintings made by the genius CARAVAGGIO. Discover his life, his torment and enjoy his masterpieces following a licensed guide expert in art history. 

Liquen El divenir Street Art Tour Joy of Rome

Street Art
in Rome Tour

We are street art lovers and experts! Follow us beyond the walls of Rome: a private walking tour to discover street art works with a guide specialized in wall paintings. Ostiense district is our favourite choice but we can show you much more!

Aqueduct Park of Rome Walking Tour


Go off the beaten path and discover the stunning park of the Aqueducts in Rome: a private 2 hours walking tour with a guide specilized in archaeology discovering the remains and the paths of the most incredible engineering masterpieces ever made by the ancient romans.
Res Gestae Augustus on the Ara Pacis Caesar and August Tour Joy of Rome


Let’s step into history and see with our eyes what we’ve always read about, let’s follow the footsteps of Julius Caesar and Augustus in the Eternal City!
We will admire monuments and sites in town that will tell the story of the ones that made Rome great!

The Four Rivers Fountain, Bernini tour by joy of rome

The Artist of the Popes: BERNINI

Gian Lorenzo Bernini needs no introduction, he simply is one of the most famous artists of our era. In his long life he met seven different Popes and, for most of them, he has been a voice and a symbol. He changed, with his works, the face of Rome.

Rome's Scandals, the Dark Ladies and the city

Rome's Scandals: the DARK LADIES

There is always a great woman behind every great man! And in some cases, centuries ago… also behind a great cardinal or a great pope! Meet the courtesans, who have ruled the city of popes: they were intriguing, powerful and beautiful women who played a hidden role in the political and social life of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Rome with a local, as a local

Rome with a LOCAL, as a LOCAL

If it’s your first time in Rome and you want to get a sense of the city before doing an in-depth guided tour – this is what you need!


Enjoy one of the most fascinating districts of Rome when you book your Guided Tour of Trastevere and Villa Farnesina! Your art historian guide will make a difference!

Are you travelling with curious kids?

Highlights of Rome for kids and families

a family-friendly tour in the city centre

Walk and discover the highlights of Rome downtown! Bernini, the animals, the fountains and… interaction! 2 hours private tour with a guide specialized in fun education! 

bread and circus sport and fun in ancient rome

Sports and Fun
in Ancient Rome

Skip the line and discover the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus! Gladiators, animals fights and chariot races. Learn about the sports of the past!


Joy of Rome take you and your kids to enjoy the best Rome’s Museums and archeological sites.

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See you in Rome! 🙂