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Virtual reality technology – revealing Rome’s colourful past

Exploring the history of Rome is like putting together a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, only with many of the pieces still missing. Our guides love to tell you the secret bits of knowledge that help fill in the gaps – or make you wonder. Now virtual reality and multimedia installations are adding even more pieces, […]

Only in Summer and only in Rome

Rome is magical in the summer time, yes it’s hot – sometimes too hot – but the city comes alive and sparkles with beauty and energy unlike at any other time of the year. It will make you want to stay out all night and enjoy every drop of la dolce vita. There are so […]

So Fresh and So Clean: Doing your Laundry in Rome

In the ancient world, the Romans were on top of their laundry game. Innovative and industrious, they were able to clean their linens and fund government infrastructure. These two initiatives were accomplished through a very special ingredient that everyone on the planet is familiar with today: Urine. That’s right, the ancient Romans used pee to […]

Five Reasons to Feel Thankful while in Rome for Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Rome (or anywhere else in Italy, for that matter). In fact, your search for cranberry sauce could easily devolve into an Amazing Journey storyline primed to become a wacky blockbuster hit. However, if you’re far away from home and feeling teary-eyed over turkey, here are five reasons […]

Enjoy a Leisurely Swim in Rome’s Fountains!

Said no one ever! Unless you’re Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, you can’t frolic in any of Rome’s fountains. So what are they there for? There’s no denying that these magnificent works of art can certainly overshadow the senses (including common sense). Their sheer size, artistry, and compelling stories pull the viewer into an alternate reality that […]