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Gladiators: What Were They Really Like?

The image of the gladiator is one that continually sparks the imagination, but does it match history’s real-life warrior? Are You Not Entertained? Fictional movies, books, legends, and TV shows depict towering swordsmen in a blood-crazed amphitheater. Most narratives portray them as renegade slaves, or captured individuals fighting for their lives against beasts and foes. While it’s […]

What’s Gelato, Anyway? And Can You Enjoy it in the Winter?

Summer isn’t the only season for this chilled treat. Even under the crisp influence of winter, Roman gelato is delectable as ever. Before singing gelato’s praises however, let’s take a moment to summarise its properties. Its simplest translation into English is ‘ice cream’, and while it’s commonly used interchangeably with its Anglo-American relative, there are in […]

10 Ways To Stand Out as a Tourist in Rome

Traveling abroad contains countless positive aspects, and exploring the riches of Rome is one of them. As strange as it may sound though, there are times when adventuring requires blending into a crowd; it’s worth Doing as the Romans Do to experience an authenticity that can’t be captured on a postcard. If ducking under the radar […]

How to reach Rome from Civitavecchia (and back!)

If you are on a cruise and planning a shore excursion to Rome, or if your cruise has ended and you are disembarking in Civitavecchia and flying back home from the Roma Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” airport, these simple directions will be useful to let you reach your destination with no stress! Getting to Rome from […]