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Roman or Jewish artichokes, which side are you on?

Who do you love the most:
Your mother or your father?
The sea or the mountain?
Summer or Winter?
Democrats or Republicans?

We know it’s hard to make a decision and frankly, you don’t have to answer.
But when in Rome you will be asked which side are you on between Roman and Jewish artichokes.
Then get ready and take some notes 🙂

Roman artichokes

First of all, it’s a starter.

Before the climate change, we were used to harvest the Romanesco type of artichoke between the end of Winter and the middle of Spring and brought everyday to the best Roman food markets.

Served on the plate with just a small part of the former stem, you won’t find any hard leaves under your teeth. They don’t get brown because are cooked with some lemon juice mixed with the water and white wine.

The cavity of the artichoke is stuffed with mint, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

Is it good?

It’s a must!

Jewish artichokes

First of all it’s bigger, much bigger then you expected.

You don’t have to go to Tel Aviv to enjoy such a great dish. No, come to Rome, in the Jewish district perhaps, halfway from Venezia Square halfway to Trastevere. Sit at some of the typical Jewish restaurants after a fulfilling Jewish District Tour with us 😉

Have I already told you it’s far bigger then you expected?

Yes ok, but what is all about? 

It’s about a deep fried massive crispy artichoke. As simple as that.

It may seems to you there’s a lot to discard but no, there’s no waste at all, but the whole of it to eat.

When served you on the plate It may reminds you some Van Gogh painting, the Sunflowers perhaps.

Are you trying to say it is a piece of art perhaps?

Yes, we are.