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Roman summer holidays and Ferragosto – past and present

In ancient times August was the month after harvest when various pagan festivals were held and set apart for rest and gratitude. Traditions may have changed with the passing of millennia but modern Romans still cherish August as the time to escape from the heat to the sea, the mountains, or wherever else their hearts […]

Rome: Choose Your Own Adventure – activities for kids

It takes just a little imagination to have an adventure into the history and art of Rome and our guides are happy to let you in on the secrets, stories and magic that are waiting to be discovered. Here are a few of the curious and interesting places you can visit that have something for […]

Only in Summer and only in Rome

Rome is magical in the summer time, yes it’s hot – sometimes too hot – but the city comes alive and sparkles with beauty and energy unlike at any other time of the year. It will make you want to stay out all night and enjoy every drop of la dolce vita. There are so […]

Rome’s Central Parks for Family-Friendly Perks

Parks in Rome make the city more than a destination of stimulating architectural jewels. Interspersed between its timeless monuments, and delectable culinary offerings (not to mention its eye-rolling coffee and wine traditions), are manicured and verdant retreats. Roman Central Parks: A Get Away for Kids While the Eternal City’s portfolio of greenery is an option […]