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Five Reasons to Feel Thankful while in Rome for Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Rome (or anywhere else in Italy, for that matter).

In fact, your search for cranberry sauce could easily devolve into an Amazing Journey storyline primed to become a wacky blockbuster hit.

However, if you’re far away from home and feeling teary-eyed over turkey, here are five reasons why being in the Eternal City for Thanksgiving is almost perfect.

1.No Blues over Queues

While Rome during the summer is a heady mixture of sun, the scent of sunblock, aromatic white wine, and a minimalist wardrobe, visiting major monuments can feel like being in a mosh pit. During the autumn months however, reality drags most tourists back to their responsibilities, resulting in some much sought after personal space. Queues drastically diminish, or don’t exist at all, and galleries and excavation sites can be strolled through as opposed to elbowed through.

2.Cheap Thrills

Rome is the Eternal City because it never sleeps, it naps. While crowds in the off-season and autumn months aren’t as intense as those during the summer, the best sites and restaurants are still open – and they’re ready to cater to you. Getting there is cheaper too. Prices in the off-season are lower when it comes to flights and accomodation, and the reduced clientele means that owners and staff in general are able to focus on quality service. Whether budget-bound or not into crowd-surfing, visitors can take advantage of decreased numbers in prices and people.

3.To Market, to Market

Since Italy boasts a seasonal menu, any foodie worth their taste buds can take hedonistic pleasure in the Rome’s autumnal spread. It’s that time of the year when sagre, or food festivals, dole out their harvest treats. Culinary highlights include truffels, chestnuts, wine, grapes, and olive oil. Other types of November produce include pumpkin and brussel sprouts (which could ease Thanksgiving withdrawls), along with the crunchy puntarelle – a variety of Catalonian chicory that Italians can only find in Rome. Impressive.

4.Get a Better Core

Core temperature, that is. The Roman summer sun is ideal for trips to the beach and getting all of the Vitamin D you could ever need, but it certainly feels oppressive in the city centre. If your idea of fun is anything other than feeling baked alive, then fall’s hospitable climate provides non-intrusive warmth that is ideal for sight-seeing. It makes wearing sunglasses a simple edict of common sense, as opposed to a legitimate fear of cauterizing your corneas.Carry a light jacket in preparation for some sneaky drizzles of rain, but still enjoy outside activities such as aperitivo on the cobbles during sunset.

5.Discover the Unconventional

There’s already a plethora of intriguing and fantastic material covering traditional curiosities about Roman culture such as gelato, gladiators, memorable figures in history, etc. However, the city hosts many other events that are off of the beaten track, and ready to be followed. This month head to Circo Massimo to let fly colored lanterns into the night’s sky, experience the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia at the Vittoriano, or check out the 15th edition of the Rome International Photography Festival.

Still looking for ways to feel thankful while in Rome? Then hop on a Joy of Rome tour to see all there is to be grateful for.