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Roman summer holidays and Ferragosto – past and present

In ancient times August was the month after harvest when various pagan festivals were held and set apart for rest and gratitude. Traditions may have changed with the passing of millennia but modern Romans still cherish August as the time to escape from the heat to the sea, the mountains, or wherever else their hearts […]

Virtual reality technology – revealing Rome’s colourful past

Exploring the history of Rome is like putting together a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, only with many of the pieces still missing. Our guides love to tell you the secret bits of knowledge that help fill in the gaps – or make you wonder. Now virtual reality and multimedia installations are adding even more pieces, […]

Roman Street Art: 5 Best Districts for Urban Creativity

Roman street art is achieving international and global acclaim through its contemporary murals. Talent from all over the world continues to flock to its urban landscapes, but do you know where to go? Check out the top five of Rome’s progressive districts to see a modern spin on the Eternal City’s artistic legacy. San Lorenzo […]

The Triumph and Tragedy of Caravaggio

Caravaggio, an artist of staggering talent and troubling temper, was the enigmatic genius behind the Baroque period. Originally named Michelangelo Merisi, the maestro’s popular moniker comes from Caravaggio, the town of his birth in Lombardy, northern Italy. At 21 years old in 1592 he was drawn to the temptations of Rome, heralded as the centre […]

DIY Roman Walking Tour: Piazza Vittorio for Magic, Multi-culture, and Markets

Veer off of the beaten track, and onto the cobbles less traveled on your own Roman walking tour of Piazza Vittorio. Discover markets and magic in the city’s largest square. As a visitor to the Eternal City, it’s easy to be drawn to its cultural titans. The Colosseum, Vatican, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, and […]