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Top 5 Contemporary Art Galleries in Rome

A blue flashing neon light says All Art Has Always Been Contemporary.

It’s a piece of art by Maurizio Nannucci dated 2000 and it’s also the truth. But sometimes we simply don’t get the so-called Contemporary Art.

It’s no our fault, it’s not its fault. It’s a fact.

It goes along with our hesitancy to analyse the present, in favour of the past. Probably because hindsight is always 20/20, and we feel safer with that.

Art ain’t about being safe. In fact, it’s the very opposite.

We think that the key to success for a contemporary art gallery is how well it puts under the magnifying glass everything we don’t want to see of our time, presented in different views, sometimes even disturbing ways. Always stimulating.

Off the Top 5 Contemporary Art Galleries in Rome where we think you won’t get bored at all!


Among all the contemporary art galleries in Rome, this relatively young gallery is set in one of the most living district of Rome, San Lorenzo, close to Termini Train Station, where the vibrant soul of the university students meets the rumble low-class spirit creating a cultural mix that is worth a visit. Perhaps after you visited the beautiful Saint Marcellino and Peter Catacombs that are not that far and off the beaten path.

In this scenery the White Noise spent the whole year sounding out the presence and absence of the human being in such a poetic way that could blow your mind! These two young and passionate gallery managers that run White Noise are creating their own personal path, so distinctive and strong: a fresh point of view to our inner world.


As we said, Art is the very opposite of being safe. It’s going towards the unknown, beyond the pillars of Hercules.

When 10 years ago Wunderkammer opened in the Torpignattara suburb, it was like an oasis in a cultural desert. Creating a stimulating environment for experimentation, discussion and development of the artistic works, it provided the vital nourishment to a neighborhood that is now famous for its Street Art and painters’ studios.

Take a look at the galley while enjoying the Street Art Walking Tour!


When in Rome, do as the Romans do and we’d like to add see the Roman School too (sorry for the cheap rhyme).

The Galleria Lombradi is indeed the best place for you to experience the importance and magnificence of the Roman school (1930s-1980s). Found in 1977 by the Lombardi family who already ran other two important galleries in Rome, the Galleria Lombradi is a place that evokes stories and history.

A place where intellectuals used to gather, and still do. Stop by on the way to the Castel Sant Angel Tour and talk with Lorenzo Lombradi, the youngest of the family who now runs the gallery: he has a lot to share!


Gagosian is of course a top name, and very few cities in the world have the pleasure and the pride to host this totem of the Contemporary Art collection. Situated in the heart of downtown, few steps far from the Spanish Steps and pretty close to Borghese Gallery, the Gagosian is the place to visit if you want to be surrounded by top names.

We think would be interesting to match the same day the innovative vision of Scipione Borghese, who brought most of the masterpieces you can enjoy with us during the Borghese Galley Tour with the definitely more contemporary view of Lerry Gagosian!


Once you’re inside the Dorothy Circus Gallery you can tell there’s some unicity there. It’s like entering in a kind of pop-esque fairy tale world. So extreme but yet so comforting.

It’s an experience, even more if you arrive at the gallery after you’ve strolled all over downtown with us on the Caravaggio Tour that follows the trail of the man who shocked the World with his genius and audacity.

With paintings both extreme but yet comforting.


This is us! We belive you can find it everywhere. Best chance? Going beyond the city walls, exploring outskirts and finding real life in Rome.

How to experience it?  We think a street art tour is what you need. Check out the districts, choose the one you prefer and learn about us, today.