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Duration: 2 hrs
Starting time: 3:30 PM
Days: Mon, Wed, Friday
Typology: small group up to 10 (private tours available on request, from monday to friday, at 10am)

This tour includes:

  • 2 hours guided walking tour.
  • LICENSED official guide of Rome, specialized in Art history and in the history of Rome.
  • A visit to the works of Caravaggio in the churches of:
    – San Luigi dei Francesi
    – Sant’Agostino
    – Santa Maria del Popolo.

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  • Small group tour up to 10
  • There are no entrance fees nor admission tickets to pay
  • professional art historian licensed live guide
  • Due to the considerable distance and to the not fully equipped path, this walking tour is not suitable for people with mobility problems
  • During the tour we will enter the churches: it is therefore recommended to have your shoulders and knees covered in respect for the sacred places
  • Entrance Time and days in the Churches may vary according to holidays and special celebrations, as a consequence of this, the tour schedule may undergo last minute changes

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A TOUR to discover the other

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, best know as simply CARAVAGGIO, was not only a painter, but a “star”!
His adventurous life, full of sensational events, and his revolutionary style made him an undisputed leading figure of Italian art: you can find out everything about on our Caravaggio Tour.

He came to Rome in 1597-98 in search of fame and died at the young age of forty in exile, banished by the Pope  after committing murder. Caravaggio lived a short, dramatic life and knew the city of Rome in all its aspects, including the violent, sketchy and dangerous ones.

Our guides are art historians and experts of Rome and they’ll show you Caravaggio’s paintings, a few hidden in some of the most beautiful churches in Rome…

You will hear the stories about his friends, his loves, the models he chose among the poorest in the city, his favorite restaurants and much more!

The works of Caravaggio are in the most important museums in the world such as the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London and the Borghese Gallery in Rome, where six are displayed.
For this tour you won’t have to pay for any entrance tickets or visit any museum…you will see the Caravaggio works that are still exhibited in the places for which they were originally painted: three magnificent churches!

The first is St. Louis de France just a few steps from the famous Piazza Navona.

This district is where Caravaggio was often involved in fights and quarrels. Here in the church you will find three of his paintings: the Stories of St. Matthew in the famous Contarelli Chapel.
Our expert guides will reveal to you the secrets of his realism and unique skill, like the light breaking through his dark backgrounds, a light that shocked his contemporaries…an earth-shattering novelty!

The second church, St. Augustin, is only a few steps away.

At the height of his success a woman, Orinzia Trestles, commissioned Caravaggio to paint a work for her family chapel: the famous Madonna of the Pilgrims.
Our guides will tell you the stories behind the complicated negotiations which ended with the creation of a unique, unexpected work: some of the characters represented have big dirty feet and dirty garments... in a Church!
Such a scene was certainly not easily accepted by the rich people of those times! Book your walking tour “…on the trail of Caravaggio” to find out what happened after the inauguration…

The third and final church we shall visit in the Caravaggio Tour is a monument in itself: beautiful Santa Maria del Popolo.

Along with works by Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo and Gianlorenzo Bernini, the church retains, in the Cerasi Chapel, two works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: St. Paul’s Conversion and the Crucifixion of St. Peter.
These are two incredibly realistic paintings and not at all in line with the iconography of his days! Would you believe that in the Conversion of St. Paul a horse occupies a larger space than the saint himself? This is just one of the many questions our guides will answer! Realism, audacity, talent, love and the tragic life of this genius will turn you on to the Rome of the 1600s, we are sure you will want to know even more!

Rome is an open-air museum, yes we mean it, and thanks to this tour you can appreciate it too!

You will not have to stand lines, pay tickets or stay indoors, to discover the wonders of art because … they are all around you!

Just get the right guide! Our guides will show them to you and will share our love for their astonishing beauty with you!

Start discovering Caravaggio: here is a post on our blog about him.

Have fun!

Duration 2/2.5 hours
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