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Special: Our Top 5 Churches to see in Rome!

Did you know that there are over 900 churches in the Eternal City? Incredible, right! So how do you choose the best churches to see in Rome? Let us guide you! Each one of our suggestions gives you the chance to experience some of the most valuable and interesting art, architecture and history.  Come along […]

Only in Summer and only in Rome

Rome is magical in the summer time, yes it’s hot – sometimes too hot – but the city comes alive and sparkles with beauty and energy unlike at any other time of the year. It will make you want to stay out all night and enjoy every drop of la dolce vita. There are so […]

So Fresh and So Clean: Doing your Laundry in Rome

In the ancient world, the Romans were on top of their laundry game. Innovative and industrious, they were able to clean their linens and fund government infrastructure. These two initiatives were accomplished through a very special ingredient that everyone on the planet is familiar with today: Urine. That’s right, the ancient Romans used pee to […]

10 Ways To Stand Out as a Tourist in Rome

Traveling abroad contains countless positive aspects, and exploring the riches of Rome is one of them. As strange as it may sound though, there are times when adventuring requires blending into a crowd; it’s worth Doing as the Romans Do to experience an authenticity that can’t be captured on a postcard. If ducking under the radar […]