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Top 5 of the best food markets in Rome

Are you looking for the best food markets in Rome?

I suppose you got bored of all the fancy / upscale / shabby-chic / traditional restaurants / pizzeria / trattoria sprawled all over Rome and wanted some authentic Roman experience.

Well, here we are at your disposal!

We tasted each and every food market in Rome and after all we can claim our right to make this tasty Top 5 list.

All you have to do is following us in this joyful journey full packed of taste, scent of herbs, authenticity and a lot of characteristic Romans behind the counter ready with ready-wit. 🙂

Keep in mind that a food market in Rome is a place to socialize and talk with everybody.

Don’t be scared! 🙂

Testaccio Market

Located near the MACRO Museum in the earth of the Testaccio district, this covered market is the modern version of the former Testaccio food market, that was situated some hundred meters far.

The place is different, but the butchers, grocers and fishmongers are the same.

Here everything is new and bright but, still, everything reminds you of decades ago, when everything seemed more authentic and fresher.

We think it’s the best combination of tradition and modernity. The best food market in Rome? We reckon so.

Isn’t Rome itself bearing this combination, perhaps?

Testaccio Food Market webpage

Testaccio Organic Food Market

At the Città dell’Altra Economia complex in Testaccio, some hundred meters far from the previous market, every Sunday from 09.00 ’till dusk you can find organic food from the hand of the farmers from all over the Lazio region.

Are you looking for an organic supermarket also? There you are, next to the food market 😉

Picture taken from their facebook page

Trastevere Market

Trastevere, the most characteristic neighborhood in Rome has its own food market in a beautiful square, Piazza San Cosimato, since early 1900. Most of the sellers descend from the former vendors (talking about heritage!).

Among all the best food markets in Rome, this is a must!

Searching for some quality food for you pets perhaps? There’s also a stall for them!

Esquilino Roman & Ethnic Food Market

We promised you an authentic Roman experience, we know that.

But we live in a globalized World and is all about sharing, or at least it should be:

sharing knowledge, tradition and therefor food.

The Esquilino Food Market is the spaciest place in Rome, the most cosmopolitan where Roman traditions meet the rest of the World. Isn’it nice? Isn’t it tasty? 😉

Circus Maximus Farmers Market

Looking for the best food markets in Rome during the weekend?

Every Saturday and Sunday there is this covered market next to Circus Maximus.

It was a former jewish fish waste market, now it’s more a fruit and vegetables market, from the producers to the costumers as well as all the other markets we mentioned.

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