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Wi-Fi in Rome?

You arrive in Rome,

you check-in at the hotel and the first question you ask to the concierge is:

Do you have any wi-fi?

Ok, that’s a lie, you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen that hotel.

Your first question is:

At what time do you serve breakfast?

That said, a Wi-Fi hotspot nowadays is fundamental.

We’ve drawn up a list of water wings places where you can connect your smartphone when in stormy need of giga bites in Rome.



That’s the official municipality Wi-Fi hotspots in Rome. It allows you to navigate for 4hrs a day. You can check on the map the closest hotspot and it tells you how many people are already connected.


Metro A

While on the train along all the 27 stops of the Metro A, the one that goes from Battistini to Anagnina, passing through Ottaviano (Saint Peter), Barberini (Trevi Fountain), Spagna (Spanish Steps), Termini Station and many other highlights of the city, you have the possibility to use your smartphone either to navigate and make calls.

Colosseum area

Cafe Cafe is one of the best bar in the Colosseum area where you have free wifi while you relax after you visited the Roman Forum or take a strong Espresso to face the crowd!

Saint Peter’s area

Would you like to sip some amazing tea in a fanciful and peaceful atmosphere and while you are at it check on Google the origin of tea? Fabrica is the place!

A very different place is Birreria Del Borgo, an upscale tavern that mixes high quality handcrafted beers, gourmet menu and cocktails from one of the best cocktail bars in Rome. Open from 12pm – 02am, you have all the time in the world to use their wi-fi and make your friends at home jealous of your experience with a live broadcast on Facebook!

Spanish Steps area

Among the -far too many- touristic places in the area, we consider Ginger and Di Qua two top choices where you can just stop by and rest a bit while drinking some organic smooths in the former case, or having a good coffee in a cosy atmosphere in the latter. In both of the places, you have free wi-fi to upload perhaps some pictures on your Instagram account 😉

Pantheon area

As well as at the Spanish Steps, we decided to picked Ginger also in this very area because it is the perfect bond between fresh products, quick bites and free wi-fi.

If you fancy something a bit more lively, with some music in the background and, yes, free wi-fi, Friends is a must!

Navona area

Vivi Bistrò is a magic door to Navona Square: gorgeous breakfasts, the weekend brunches and the well-known afternoon tea time are something you can write about on your blog using their wi-fi.

On the other side of the square there is Bread in, a friendly place with a wide choice of sandwitches, where you can enjoy a quick bite and check the news on your smartphone.