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Borromini, Bernini and Caravaggio: did you know that… ?

The Baroque in Rome is a walking distance experience.

In more than 2000 years Rome’s been the set for the most important art movements ever existed.

It was like having in the same city art movements such as the School of London, the School of New York, the Impressionists, the Bauhaus and so on… quite overwhelming, isn’t it?

This feeling brings us back to Borromini, Bernini and Caravaggio: three of the brightest stars of the Baroque ever happened in our World. Those three were living in the same city at the same time… still overwhelming, isn’t it?

The beauty of Rome‘s at your disposal, not only in the museums but also – just – around the corner.

You might be discombobulated walking through Rome along the baroque path,with your heart on a string perhaps,mesmerized for sure.

Shall we go?


It was hard to chose just two among the many highlights linked to Borromini, but we managed the task.

The Propaganda Fide building is our first stop, located in Rome but it actually belongs to the State of Vatican.

Famous for the peculiar obtuse/convex lines of its facade, this building is considered the baroque at its highest expression.

Even more iconic is the magic optical illusion of the forced perspective he created in the arcaded courtyard of Galleria Spada. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the magic here. To enjoy it, all you have to do is just booking our Highlights of Rome Walking Tour and surrender to the master 😉


The angels of Bernini could be the title of a movie, a blockbuster perhaps.

So far they haven’t released yet any move about it, but his angels aren’t fiction at all but two breathtaking statues on Sant’Angelo bridge, right in front of the fortes next to Saint Peter.

But actually it isn’t completely true, as Pope Clemente IX seeing the magnificence of those two statues decided to keep them safe, inside Sant’Andrea delle Fratte whilst two duplicates where left on the bridge. And still are.

Can you tell the difference between the genuine statues and the duplicates? We can, and be glad to show it to you during our Highlights of Rome Walking Tour or Castel Sant’Angel Tour.

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Trying to say something you didn’t know about Caravaggio isn’t that easy.

We decide to start talking a bit of his home, in Vicolo Del Divino Amore where he lived as a lodger and tore down part of the ceiling in order to have more light and being able to paint the Death of the Virgin. Eventually he refused to pay the rent so the owner of the house, Prudenzia Bruni, sequestered his painting tools.

We are still wondering where she kept such a precious tools

Speaking of some anecdotes about Caravaggio, there’s a famous one about a bear and an artichoke.

The bear is the name of the tavern where he used to eat: Osteria dell’Orso and the artichoke can be found in the nose of the waiter he stubbed him with.


Because they were arguing about the difference between the Jewish and Roman artichokes.

Have you ever tasted the two versions? We will talk about it in the near future, meanwhile follow us on the trail of Caravaggio.