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Top 5: tips for jogging in Rome

What we talk abut when we talk about jogging in Rome, ain’t that far from Murakami’s point of view.

You will run where everybody’s already run, since forever.

You will be embraced by the echoes of a different age, when running was the closest you could get to cheat the stillness of time:

Aqueducts, black basalts, the sound of your breathe, arches, parks, your sweat and tears, some little lakes and amazing Villas, the joyful feeling of belonging here, in Rome, all of a sudden at your disposal, at your feet.

Rome is a breathtaking location to reward your running passion.

We’re gonna give some tips, but then it’s up to you to run, baby, run. 🙂

Aqueducts Park

the parc of the aqueducts

The Appian way is the queen of the streets, as we claim, and that’s for a reason:

there was a time when Romans brought drinking water through aqueducts all over (what we now name it) Europe.

You don’t have to worry then to find some drinking water to refill your bottle along the way of your running path. 😉

You are on the magnificent, ancient Appian Way, built stone by stone just to allow you to jogging back in time.

Villa Ada park

To us Villa Ada is a hidden treasure, unknown to most of the foreigners unless you booked an hotel there.

Not that far from downtown, but still not downtown at all.

Late summer afternoon, it’s gonna be just you and very few passionate fellow like you, jogging along the many running paths at your disposal: stretching, getting fit at the exercises equipment in the park and drinking some fresh water at the water fountains.

Once your body is satisfied, get your soul fulfilled then enjoying the summer concerts and free entry kiosks area at the lake, in the heart of the park: a perfect end to your passionate day.

Villa Borghese park

Borghese park is for sure another beautiful running route in the heart of downtown.

Let’s make it clear: as well as for Villa Ada, you can’t miss here the little lake with the temple dedicated to Esculapio (or to be fair actually, the copy of the greek one…).

You will enjoy the park, full of refreshment points, kiosks and attractions such as: Borghese GalleryCasa del Cinema, Globe Theatre and the National Modern Art Gallery.

Along the centuries many poets, novelists and musicians walked about in the park, mesmerized by the beauty of Rome’s green heart.

The park is waiting for you.

Villa Pamphilj park

Full of variegated running paths, Villa Pamphilj is Rome’s largest park and of course it allows you to avoid the noise of Rome.

Enjoy the amazing mid-17th century palace with its garden mazes. If you don’t want to get lost, follow the two equipped paths (in italian: percorsi attrezzati) and many other at your disposal, in the lung of Rome.


You are more a city person and very much able to avoid the noise of the city by yourself, without hiding in some park.

That’s your running place: the paths along the Tiber river, suitable for both cycling and running!

You will have (quite) seven layers of Rome above you and the vein of the city before you,

That’s an experience!