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Duration: 2 hours
Starting time: 9.30 am – 14.30 pm
Typology: private only
Tickets fee: NOT included in the guides fee, please see below. (the access to all sites is free of charge except for the Tomb of Caecilia Metella: adults: 6€, under 18 y.o.: free)


If you want to offer your kids a unique experience of learning and entertainment in the eternal city, but you don’t want to trap them in stressful Museums or endless lines…this is the tour you are looking for!

Your kids will love to learn about the life of ancient romans, while running free in a wonderful green archaeological park lead by an expert guide, they will feel like they have stepped back into ancient Rome but will be free as they would be in a park!

The Appian Way was also known as “the Queen of all Roman roads”, it has always been the pride of Roman Empire which built a  road network, unique in the world. This 2.300 years old road is now part of a park which preserves and promotes outstanding memories of Rome’s glorious past, such as Catacombs, Basilicas, Tombs and Villas.

The Appian Way Park is not far from the center but it is away from the noisy and caotic center…the Kids will love to discover some jewels of Ancient Rome, while the adults will enjoy a stroll through history.

Here you will walk on the “basoli”, the original huge smooth paving basalt stones of the road, among shady trees and fields. The road was built in a remarkably straight line, wide enough for two carriages and sidewalks.

We will start with the Mausoleum of Romulus and the Circus of Maxentius:

This last one was a stadium, built by the Emperor Maxentius, in honor of his son Romulus. Imagine thousands of people sitting on either side in the stands, a magistrate dropping a white cloth for the race to begin and chariots breaking out of the gates and racing laps around the circus.

The remains of the starting gates and round towers on the west side are still visible as well as the long central division (once eriche by an obelisk that now sits on the fountain of Piazza Navona), the imperial box for the Emperor on the north side of the seating, triumphal arch at the eastern end. Kids will love to learn from their expert guide about the chariot races and they will love to run around the large grassy area with (finally) no cars around!

The next step will be the Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella

More than 2,000 years old, this fancy cone-shaped tomb was built for Cecilia Metella, the wife of one of Julius Caesar’s generals. In the 14th century, the Caetani family enclosed the tomb in the brick castle, where they lived.

You will have the opportunity to enter a Roman Mausoleum and your kids will have fun, in looking around at the different fragments collected, including monuments, such as a young boy and his father, animals such as a lion a griffin, and some ox heads.

At last let’s relax as a roman would!…at Capo di Bove, a bath complex from the 2nd century AD!

This Bath included cold and hot water pools, warm rooms and sweat baths. Admire the original black and white mosaics with their twirling vines; there is also a peaceful garden, tables and chairs! Your kids will experience how the romans were spendig their spare time in a very pleasant way, swimming, working out, training, playing and yes…doing their homework too!

Don’t forget, at the end of the tour that the Appian Way Park is a perfect spot for a picnic or a place to go on Mondays, when the museums are closed! Bring your packet lunch or buy one here: It is a great idea to escape the noisy city: here it’s open countryside, green fields, birds and crickets, it is quiet and peaceful.

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  • The tickets are NOT included in the guides fee; the entrance to all sites is free of charge except for the Tomb of Caecilia Metella: adults: 6€, under 18 y.o.: free
  • Kids & family friendly
  • Walking tour, wear comfortable shoes
  • Ideal for kids: surrounded by a park, in a pedestrian area

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