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For the love of Rome – sharing our knowledge and passion with you

Rome is filled with so many sights and layer upon layer (upon layer …) of facts, histories, stories, and art. This city is one of the birthplaces of Western culture with institutions of politics and society and its long, fascinating history and art still teach and inspire us today. There are familiar pieces of history and yet more stories and knowledge are being continually discovered and rewritten. It is a living artefact of the past while always changing and always gaining new layers.

Your interests and choices matter

A sight-seeing trip in Rome shouldn’t make you feel like you’re being herded from landmark to landmark, given a few bites of interesting information and then shuffled off to the next big thing. There is a growing realisation among some of the folks who work in Rome’s tourist industry that the best of the city isn’t being shared in the most enjoyable way. A lot of the time it’s the human connection, appreciating the unique needs of visitors that makes work in the tourism industry a pleasure – for all sides. It takes a lot of study and time to become a tour guide – not just to gain the certification to be legally registered in Rome, but also to continually keep gathering knowledge about the city. Being a good guide in Rome also requires a willing awareness of what visitors are seeking to experience and how best to share the best of our knowledge in a way that satisfies your interests and keeps you happy, engaged and curious.

Passion, curiosity and joy – seeing Rome through our eyes

Francesca and Angelica have over 18 years experience between them as guides, first for other companies in Rome and since 2015 in, this, their own business. They decided to set off on their own path when they discovered that a lot of tours did a lot of talking, but not very much listening to what you – the client, our guest in this city – want to see. They felt there was a missing link in the way guided tours are designed and wanted to create tours that are more than just pointing out key sites around Rome, they want to give you something more –  an experience that is as enjoyable for them to host as it is for you to take part in.

The goal is to make your experience more like being shown the city by a friend with insider knowledge and academic expertise and to share their love of Rome with you. Educated and certified, receptive to your needs as you walk together through Rome discovering this complex city rich in history, stories and beauty. A city that, at first glance, may seem swamped by the greatness of its past, but is constantly evolving and vibrant.

Background knowledge: Art history, archaeology, art restoration, ancient history

Francesca’s area of expertise is art history with a focus on Renaissance art. One of her favourite tours to host is of the Borghese Gallery. She is also an advocate of the street art movement because she understands the link between what was once considered ahead of its time – like the works of Caravaggio – has the potential to become an important signpost into the social world, not just of Rome and Italy but society as a whole. In our time, street art is the growing phenomenon and it captures a moment, echoes the past and nods to future possibilities. It can also show that although the way it’s created may evolve, visual art continually explores ideas and concerns that are timeless and universal. You can learn more about the street art in Rome here.

Angelica’s area study has been archaeology, art restoration and ancient history. Her passion for the life and art of Rome, past and present, is so great that she has continues learning, and more importantly, sharing what she learns with visitors and the curious. Her passion for sharing knowledge and ancient art have inspired her to teach a university course in monument restoration.  Her favourite tour to host is the Rome Underground Tour where you can gain a real understanding of how layered, how many lives and stories are hidden from view, if you know how to look.

Our certified guides

Francesca and Angelica are lucky enough to work with lovely people who have won their trust and affection – friendly souls who have turned their passions into their work and want to share their knowledge and love of Rome. By letting us know your interests and questions, what  you’re curious about and what you would like to see and learn about this Eternal City and we can match the right guide and tour with what you want to experience. Our aim is to help you create beautiful moments and memories of your time in our city, Rome.

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