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How to reach Ostia Antica by train

If you do not have enough time to go to Pompei, you have another great option: visit Ostia Antica! It’s a wonderful archeological site easily reachable by public transportation.

You will find below some simple directions

1 – plan accurately by what time you want to be there. We suggest, for your comfort, to plan your tour in the early morning during the summer, and mid morning in winter, to beat the heat and enjoy the day light as much as you can.

Here you will find the website with Opening time of the archaeological site.

2 – since you shall go by train, make arrangements with your guide checking the following  time table.

The timetable is often updated but do not trust it blindly…cancellations, strikes and delays are often around the corner. Don’t be mad about it…It’s part of your roman experience! We suggest not to wait for the very last train to go and come back, so to be able, also in case of any inconvenient, to enjoy your visit with no stress.  The train trip to Ostia takes around 30 minutes; once there, it will take 10 minutes walking to get from the railway station to the entrance of the archaeological site.

3 – The train to Ostia Antica runs from the Line Blu, METRO B station PIRAMIDE/OSTIENSE– (if you are lodged  in the city center  it’s very  easy way to get there. As an example: if  you are staying close to the Spanish Steps you can take the subway line A, change to line B at Termini station and and get off at Piramide station. If you are at the Colosseum, you are already on the path of the line Blu/B. If you lodge around the Pantheon, take the bus number 30 that will bring you there in 10/15 minutes.)

4 – Once you are at metro PIRAMIDE/OSTIENSE station, you need to look for the train called “ROMA – LIDO” (it’s very easy, considering that there are signs indicating it almost everywhere)

We know…It looks difficult but actually it’s not. The Subway station “Piramide” is in fact aside of a little railway station named after a ancient roman door to enter the city walls which used to be there and – you know – we are obsessed by our past and by every single ancient remain around us!

So…To sum up: You’ll get out from Piramide subway station and still being inside the metro station you will find signs saying “Roma-Lido Porta San Paolo”. Follow them and  – very important! – do not throw away your metro ticket!

It is still valid to take the train! Now you are thinking, WOW only 1.50 euro for a Metro and a train and, yes, that’s it! Wondering why? Well…Let’s say the train Roma-Lido is not exactly efficient, always on time and…brand new! You’ll see it by yourself. It is still working pretty well if you don’t choose the busiest hours. Don’t worry! You will be going to the opposite direction of the many people living outside Rome and working in the city, that come in the morning and leave late afternoon..Something like New York/New Jersey (mmmm, maybe not quite), but you’ll go the other way, so no problem!

5 – Now that you are on the train, count 7 stations from Roma Porta S.Paolo:

1- Basilica S. Paolo

2 – Magliana

3 –  Tordivalle

4 – Vitinia

5 –  Casalbernocchi

6 – Acilia

7 – Ostia Antica: GET OFF!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Meet your Joy of Rome Guide waiting for you outside the train station OSTIA ANTICA with a JOY OF ROME sign, buy the tickets together with your guide and visit one of the most charming archaeological sites in the world….

Have a Great Tour!