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Is Roma Pass still good for Colosseum and Borghese Gallery?

First things first: we all love and want to skip the lines and we keep doing it in all our Colosseum and Borghese Gallery tours!

If you have the intention of booking a tour, contact us before buying your tickets!

We know all the little secrets to find the sites as empty as possible and the days to enjoy the archeological areas at the best, so, let’s organize your schedule together!

But what if you really want to buy Roma Pass for Colosseum and Borghese Gallery but you are not sure about it?

Joy of Rome guides are here to help!

Roma Pass used to be a great way to skip the line at the Colosseum BUT…

In the past months there have been some changes to the way the Roma Pass works in regards to the access to the Colosseum/Forum and Borghese Gallery .


roma pass of 48 and 72 hours

RP gives you access to 2 museums from a long list , free use of the public transport and many other advantages you find here 

Is the Colosseum one of this? Yes and No. 

As of 2019, Colosseum only allows visitors holding tickets for a specific date/time. 

This is a real big change!

Therefore Roma pass holders can either stay in line with people without reservation (to enter you will need to wait the first available slot, which might take more than a hour).

or you can buy your tickets ahead of time or reserve your entrance time when purchasing Roma Pass! 

And how about the old trick of going at the Roman Forum and Palatine hill desk to buy Colosseum tickets? You might find all the entrance times of the day booked out. So what?!

So again 😉 buy your tickets ahead of time or reserve your entrance time when purchasing Roma Pass! 

OPTION 1: You have purchased Roma Pass on the Roma Pass Website

In this case you only need to reserve your entrance time/day at the Colosseum at the cost of 2 euros reservation per person.

How? Super easy!

Go on the website of the official Colosseum tickets provider by clicking here

Select day/time and choose the first option.

You will receive a pick up code.  Then remember to bring both your pick up code and your RP with you, the day of your visit.

When you arrive in Rome you have several options to collect your Roma Pass from (check picture below)

OPTION 1: Purchase Roma Pass together with Colosseum reservation

Go back at Coopculture site as before by clicking  here

Select the option you need (48 or 72 hours) and pay.

Done?! Great! Now you’ll skip the line and the entrance but, first, remember to go to museum called Palazzo Merulana to pick up your Roma Pass + Colosseum reservation!

No other options to do it, that’s the only place! 

It’s located on Via Merulana, 121, some ten minutes from the Colosseum itself (and it is a great museum to visit by the way!)

How about Borghese Gallery?

Easy: Roma Pass doesn’t work anymore.

We don’t know whether this will or will not be forever, we just know Roma Pass is not working as a way to reserve Borghese Gallery tickets anymore.

You still need to book your Borghese Gallery tickets ahaed of time but you can only do it on their official vendor channel.

Now that you have all your skip the line tickets ready, all you need is great tour and therefore you need us 😉  Email us at to book your guide