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Our selection of Catacombs in Rome: the best 4

Chose one of  these catacombs for our tour.

On the Via Labicana the Catacomb of Saint Marcellino and Peter

closed on Thursdays

Our top choice! Defenetly the best preserved and less crowded catacomb in Rome. On the Casilina way, the site has only recently been reopened to the public. We always enjoy sharing what’s new – and it is situated in a little known, but fascinating part of the city. Already at the entrance you will find one of the great treasures, the Mausoleum of Elena, mother of the Emperor Constantine. The catacomb covers an area of 18,000 m2and there are more than 15,000 underground graves as well as several thousand more above ground. Inside the catacombs are preserved some of the most beautiful frescoes to be seen in Rome – so you can understand why this is on our list! If you are seeking exclusive site and off the beaten path experience, this is your choice!

On the Via Salaria Nuova the Catacomb of Priscilla

closed Mondays

During our tour of the catacombs you’ll discover various forms of burial, like the loculi and arcosoli, which in turn form … cubicoli! It will all make sense to you when you see them with your own eyes and with the aid of your guide! In the Catacomb of Priscilla there is our favourite cubicle which is called “della Velata”. Dating back to the third century it takes its name from the fresco of a woman which was painted to represent significant moments of her life: her marriage and the birth of a son. As well as this you’ll also find one of the oldest representations of the Madonna and baby Jesus which is not to be missed … just follow our guide to see what there is to discover! 😊

One the Via Ardeatina the Catacomb of Domitilla

closed Tuesdays

This is also a vast catacomb (more than 15 km of subterranean tunnels on 4 levels and more than 150,000 burials) which are truly well preserved. On the lowest level, called “della Madonna” – “Our Lady”, can be seen paintings from the 3rd and 4th century. Among the most interesting and beautiful is the representation of the 4 Magi approaching the Madonna and baby Jesus. We will be sure that you don’t miss seeing it!

On the Via Nomentana the Catacomb of Saint Agnes/Saint Costanza Mausoleum

These catacombs are associated with the martyrdom of young Saint Agnes and with the Mausoleum of the daugther of the Emperor Constantine: Costance. One of the thing we like most about this catacomb is the beauty of the area surrounding them, the peacefulness and gardens. The elegance of this neighbourhood, with its hidden catacombs, make it in one of the quartiers most loved by Romans, and rarely visited by tourists. Showing you this are will be like sharing one of the lovely secrets of the city!

So… Have did you make your decision? Let’s explore the very “inside” of Rome!