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Top Vegan Restaurants in Rome

These top vegan restaurants in Rome will enable you to stick to your dietary needs, and also push your taste buds to hedonistic heights!
Throw on your elasticated pants, rustle up your wet-wipes, and to indulge in Rome’s emerging food revolution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the best vegan restaurants in Rome

So What?!?

The what is a bountiful spread of strictly vegan fare in the heart of one of Rome’s upcoming and vibrant neighborhoods, Pigneto. Their freshly sourced menu changes periodically, along with of course their daily specials. In a culture where veganism and vegetarianism is gradually being recognized, the name of the restaurant represents a self-awareness and drive to change the eating landscape of Rome and Italy as we know it. The best thing about So What?!? is that anyone can partake in offerings. Even carnivores can chow down on their organic choices, most of which are sourced directly from their garden!


We love Pigneto district, and we love to go off the beaten path! For us, Vitaminas24 is a prime destination with exclusively vegan options, this bistrot proffers authenticity and transparency with organic and seasonal ingredients. Many of the dishes are spin-offs of iconic Italian meals mixed up with a touch of Brazil and… World! Tease your palate with polpette crafted from hazelnut and lentice. Let your eyes roll back in delight with avocado bread made or cocunut cream with sweet curry. If you have a party animal streak in you, then stay tune in to their site for their aperitivo and themed events.

Bio’s Cafe

Bio’s Cafe is part of a food revolution in Rome to make organic ingredients more commonplace. Playing off of the traditional Italian breakfast, it provides a kamut flour vegan version of the classic cornetto. If kamut flour doesn’t scintillate your senses, then try the same breakfast treat made out of spelt flour instead. That it offers a variety of choices for the vegan diet makes Bio’s Cafe a favored choice. And the venerated established is well-aware of this. It’s been on the forefront of Rome’s vegan voyage since 2002, when it became the first certified organic cafe in Italy.


Suited for vegetarians and vegans, Zazie will quell your need for lighter meals based on a seasonal and fresh menu. Whether you opt for a vegan lifestyle, its choices of salads, organic yogurts, and vegetable-based smoothies and bespoke soups delight any hungry stomach. Zazie changes its menu daily with locally sourced produce. Furthermore, it’s environmentally friendly, and extends a welcoming hand by offering personalized dishes.


Also dedicated to vegetarians and vegans, Orto is a restaurant that combines quality grub with an impressive interior. Providing weekend deals in regard to brunch and lunch, its objective is to feed you well. It facilitates this by also extending affordable prices with all-you-can-eat options. Explore how much goodness you can consume with lunch buffets, weekend brunch buffets, and reasonably-priced entrées at just over €10!

Tempesta Di Gusti

Gelato lovers, hold onto your hats. Tempesta di Gusti is an applaudable solution to vegans that battle their interest in gelato, with not being able to consume dairy. Another great jewel nestled in the heart of Pigneto, this ice-cream parlour tempts self-control with ingredients based on coconut milk, rice, and soy. However, gelateria’s innovative spirit doesn’t end there. Challenge your flavor limitations by exploring its lime with pink peppercorn. Only geniuses could conjure up that impressive combo.

Romeow Cat Bistrot 

Who knew that the separate passions of being cat enthusiasts and vegan advocates could be explored in one delectable and delightful location? The only one of its kind to hit Italian soil, Romeow Cat Bistrot is everything its title implies. Cuddle up to a cute kitty and also discover the bistrot’s vegan treats. The menu offers options in the form of coffee, pastries, snacks, and even dinner. By swinging by Romeow Cat Bistrot, the animal lover and foodie in you will end up feline fine.

But that’s not all.

We’ve prepared you for your vegan-ventures, but exploring all of them will take commitment. To aid you in your culinary quest, take note of the practical and versatile tips that we highlight in exploring St. Peter’s Basilica.