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Drive Yourself Crazy! Rome by bike or Vespa

Cruising over Rome’s cobblestones heightens any sight-seeing experience

While there’s nothing like trekking through its intimate labyrinths, exploring Rome by bike or Vespa lets you enjoy the city on your own terms.

Channel your Roman Holiday fan into a larger than life experience while gripping onto a set of handle bars. Not only does it add a dash of unbridled panache to your adventuring, but the practicalities of whizzing around the city are manifold.

Whether by peddling or revving, weaving through the city on two wheels exposes you to a unique perspective of its treasures – not to mention a vivacious sense of control.

Explore Rome by bike or Vespa?

Scoot in style with Vespa, an iconic scooter brand whose name translates into ‘wasp’. Even if you’re not a motorcycle aficionado, its neat design is a recognisable symbol of Roman culture.

However, its punchy elegance isn’t the only option for zipping around town.

There are many other scooter manufacturers who provide an equally frenetic and cost-efficient means of travel over the undulating cobblestones. All that’s required is steering confidence to take advantage of a practical solution to heaving roads and sidewalks.

Trolling for parking spaces is also diminished, as the moped’s compact form can be left practically anywhere (whether or not the spots are legal is another story).

Rome by bike

Cycling provides a similar set of assets, but its benefits can further be applied to the city’s parks and villas.

Meandering through the gardens, temples and picturesque fountains is a sedate and eco friendly opportunity to learn about Rome’s aristocratic history and architecture.

Furthermore, flitting past palaces that once belonged to nobility and popes is an activity that isn’t just economical, but also family friendly.

Rome by bike

However, both means of transport share the advantage of being kind to the body.

While the historical centre is relatively compact compared to other larger metropoles, walking throughout it can be physically taxing.

Save Time and Energy

Blisters, heavy backpacks stuffed with provisions, and sore muscles will get the best of any visitor keen on witnessing Rome’s rich landscape.

High season’s summer months can also be difficult due to the increased number of tourists flocking to important sites. Add dehydration to the lack of personal space, and you have a situation that can be draining for both the body and the mind.

Discovering the city while on two wheels gives your joints a break, and minimises the risk of pavement rage from over-populated sidewalks.

Rome by bike

In regards to time management, driving or cycling through the city is a great method for anyone racing against the clock.

For those of you swooping through on a flash holiday, securing on a helmet before zipping through your itinerary is both efficient and exhilarating; hours can be saved launching between sites perched from your preferred set of wheels.

Yet maximising fun by optimising time is a process that can accommodate any holiday.

Roman traffic is a lethargic beast that can block the passage of larger vehicles such as busses or cars. Pedalling or steering through its small veins of space shaves off precious minutes, and instills a freedom rarely enjoyed from a standard automobile.

Explore Even Farther

Galavanting through Rome by bike or Vespa has the additional advantage of allowing access to sites outside of the city centre.

Follow the majestic unfolding of the historical Appian Way, a 2,300 year old ancient road inaugurated by Appias Claudius in 312 BC. A significant innovation in antiquity, it connected the south of Italy. Now it lets passengers travel through time to ancient gems such as the Catacombs of San Callisto.

Rome by bikeWhether sedately cycling or invoking the glamour of Audrey Hepburn, cruising through Rome by bike or Vespa allows you to flee throngs of tourists while taking it easy on your body.

Take a hiatus from being a pedestrian and talk to Joy of Rome’s guides about planning your two wheeled adventure in line with their tours.

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