• Key Details •

Duration: 2 hrs approx
Runs: Daily Except the first Sunday of the month
Start Time: 8.30AM – 4 PM (from 15th March to October);
9:30AM – 1.30PM (from November to 14th March, except holidays)

This tour includes:
  • Colosseum
  • Arch of Costantine
  • skip the line entrance to the roman forum (kindly let us know if you want this option as well when booking)
  • Gelato at the end of the tour

PRIVATE: available any time upon request
SMALL GROUPS: tuesday, thursday, sat (PM ONLY)

• Tour Useful Informations •

  • You’ll be a private group.
  • Your guide is LICENSED and specialized in ROMAN HISTORY.
  • The cost of the Colosseum entry tickets is NOT included in the tour guide fees.
    Buy your tickets and save your money!! The online procedure is very easy!
    After paying the deposit to secure the tour, we will send you the online booking procedure to get your admission tickets.
  • Colosseum/Forum Skip the Line Tickets PRICE:  Each ticket costs 14 euro, Children under 18 do not pay for entry to the Colosseum (just the 2 euro reservation fee).

*If  you have a party of 9 or more please concact us to arrange your private tour.

PRICES: The guide fee must be considered as a total not per person

Kids Tours are not eligible for discounts

From June to October and extra fee of 15% will be added on last minute requests (3 days before the tour date)

• Ancient Rome – Colosseum for Kids Tour •

Touring a museum or an archaeological area with your children can be a challenge: tours are not often tailored for children and teenagers. If you are looking for an Ancient City family tour, we believe that our kid friendly tour guides will make a difference!

Colosseum for kids tour:  enjoy and learn archaeology with all the family!

It might seem like a challenge to have the whole family really enjoy a tour of a museum or archaeological site: guided tours rarely cater to the interests of children or teenagers or adapt their scripts to your family’s needs and pace.  The specially selected guides on our Colosseum for Kids Tour know it’s not just about re-enacting gladiator fights and playing … It’s about making them enjoy a unique experience!

This private 2 hour Colosseum for Kids Tour will give all your family the chance to experience a new and more personalized way to visit the city, it’s perfect for all ages and is an engaging introduction to the magic atmosphere of the ancient Rome, its facts and gods!

How does the Colosseum for kids tour works?

You’ll skip the line and enter the Colosseum right away – just a quick security check – and the tour will be ready to start.

We will visit the ground level and the first tier of the Amphitheatre. Your tour guide will be local, licensed and will interact especially with your children explaining to them the adventurous story of the largest stadium in the Roman Empire! Give the entire family an overview of Ancient Roman history, life, loves and (of course!) shows and gladiator fights!

Swords and spears, lions and tigers, slaves and love affairs, political conspiracies and gigantic gilded bronze statues … All of this was part of the every day shows in the Colosseum almost 2000 years ago and you will relive it all through your guide’s words, making your Colosseum experience unforgettable. This tour is litterally a fun and engaging learning experience and you’ll use vacation time to make your children understand ancient roman history…Live from the archaelogical sites! 

What is the Colosseum for kids tour about?

You will learn about the combats and behind the scenes facts, you’ll see where the gladiators barracks were and where wild animals, prisoners condemned to death and hunters were kept before combat started. If you think that gladiator fights were the only shows performed in this amphitheatre, you’ll be surprised to know how much more made a day at the Colosseum great

If you are also looking for a focus and help on specific primary homework, you have special requests about roman gods and religion, just let us know and we will taylor our tour arounf your children!

No need to climb the steep steps: the first tier is accessible by an elevator and our guide will take care of the whole family with a special care for anyone with mobility problems. You will set the pace of this tour and there’s no rush, this is your tour! The Colosseum is weelchair and stroller accessibile and easy to visit with one, but we cannot provide them.

What Can you expect?

In the Colosseum for kids tour the Joy of Rome guides we’ll take your family back to Ancient Rome’s glorious past through and on amazing adventure your family will never forget, your children will be so captivated by the ancient life and stories that time will fly by! Our guides will ask question and always interact with them, so it won’t be a lesson but a learning experience! 

At the end of the tour, the guide will take you to a very good ICE-CREAM PLACE nearby the Colosseum….your “small-gladiators” have followed us for two hours and now we have to buy them a small prize, made of chocolate, mint or any flavour they like!!
After gelato, if you want, the guide will show you the roman forum entrance and with the same ticket you’ll be able to visit FORUM and PALATINE hill afterwards (please kindly let us know during the booking process, it might be necessery to modify the starting time of the tour)


IMPORTANT: Please don’t forget that when you book a Colosseum & Ancient Forum “kid-friendly” tour, this is entirely focused on children! If you wish to have a deeper exploration of the archaeological area, please book a Standard Ancient City Tour.

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