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Duration: 2,5 hours
Everyday, 9.30 AM, 3 PM


Only available as a Private tour
Local, Licensed Guide with a specialization in archeology
Price of the museum entry tickets not included in the tour guide fees (to be bought on site):
ADULTS: 15 euro CHILDREN: under 18 yo: 13 euro

This tour includes:

  • The tour to the oldest archeological museum of the world and its “inhabitants”: ancient gods and emperors, heroes and senators, philosophers and generals, greyhounds and bulls made of white marble or burnished bronze.
  • View Over the Roman Forum.

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  • Your guide will be LICENSED and specialized in ROMAN ARCHAEOLOGY.
  • The cost of the museum entry tickets in NOT included in the tour guide fees.
    You’ll buy the tickets yourself on site, the day of the tour.
  • Capitoline Museums Tickets Cost: € 15,00 each (ADULTS); € 13 (CHILDREN)

PRICES: Guide fees must be considered as a total, not per person

From June to October: an extra fee of 15% will be added on top of the price for every last minute request (since 3 days before the date requested for the tour)

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On Capitoline Hill, once the place where the Temple of Jupiter overlooked the city of Rome, is the oldest archeological museum in the world.
This is the only museum in which the collection is as old as the hill!!
Explore the story of Rome with this Capitoline Museums Tour and follow our licensed, local archaeologist and expert guide through each of the rooms…
You will be struck by its “inhabitants”: marble portraits of emperors and philosophers, greyhounds and bulls, satyrs and beautiful women, all created from precious marble or gleaming bronze.
Our passionate, enthusiastic expert guides will help your imaginations bring
the characters of ancient Rome to vivid life to your imaginations life as you wander through the galleries of the Capitoline Museums.

Why are the Capitoline Museums so special?

This museum makes a wonderful introduction to the exploration of the ancient Rome or a relaxing way to get more in depth and learn more!
This is the oldest archaeological museum in the world where you can step back into the origins of Rome, reliving the glorious past of the eternal city.
Climb the slope of the world famous hill and walk in a masterpiece: the square designed by Michelangelo in the XVI century. Two wonderful Renaissance and Baroque buildings, linked by an underground ancient gallery that Romans named the “Tabularium” (the same as a modern city archives), host the most spectacular ancient Roman art and inscription collection ever.

Look into the eyes the emperors who have made Rome great.

Meet the She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus; see the foundations of the largest Roman temple in the ancient world; admire the masterpieces of ancient sculpture.
You can follow 12 centuries of glory, from the day Rome was founded to the fall of the Roman Empire. Can you imagine that these beautifully carved statues were once covered with brilliant colours (they were painted and not white as they are today), standing out vividly in the sunlight. Others may have decorated elegant salons or were standing in niches, and some were patterned with mosaic – a style that was to be a great inspiration for Renaissance architects.

Are you fascinated by history and need more than Roman ruins? Are you tired of the crowds in the Colosseum and other sites? then this tour is for you! n Be transported back in time  to see the most refined artefacts from antiquity and learn about the personalities, wealth and every day life of Roman nobles!  
The enchanting gallery of inscriptions will let ancient romans speak again and your guide will lend them his voice!

Duration 3 hours
Number of peopleType of Tour

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