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Price:  69 euro per person (tickets not included)*.
Duration: 3.5 hours.
Runs: Contact us! The dates vary month and tours depend on ticket availability.
Starting time: Contact us! according to tickets availability.
Small group tour: max 12 people.


• Special access to the Underground, Arena and third tier.
• 3,5 hours guided tour in English.
• Secured entrance & skip the line to the Colosseum and Roman Forum.
• Licensed English speaking guide of Rome.
• Tour of the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.
• Small group tour: max 12 people.

• Tour Useful Information •

*Adult ticket  24€.
The admission ticket for children (3-17) with a valid ID is 2€ for he reservation fee
Children (0-2) are granted free admission as well as a free tour.
The price of the ticket will include the skip the line entrance.

No wheelchair access.
Bags, backpacks and suitcases are not allowed in the Colosseum, no cloakroom service is available.

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Colosseum Underground and Third Tier Tour
+ Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

This unique skip the line Colosseum Underground and Third Tier tour will open the doors of the “secret” parts of the Colosseum usually closed to the public!
You’ll walk into the Arena: the Colosseum’s stage where gladiators have fought for their lives and where those condemned to death were fed to animals!
Take this rare visit to the Ancient city that very few have seen!
Descend into the underground, the hidden heart of the Amphitheater: once dark, noisy and crowded! The place where animals were kept in cages, where  gladiators and hunters waited for their moment to reach the Arena and slaves worked levers and lifts to let the spectacular shows begin!

We will take you way up to the third tier, opened – just for us – to enjoy a breathtaking view over the arena, the ancient city and the modern one too!

Next Stop: The Palatine Hill

As we exit the stadium after the Colosseum Underground and Third Tier tour we will admire the Arch of Constantine and from there we will climb up to the Palatine Imperial Palace.
This is the hill where the Eternal City was founded and where the emperors built their monumental houses; the imposing halls of the imperial residence and the view over the Circus Maximus are a once in a life experience you cannot miss!

The Colosseum Underground and Third Tier Tour is not only about beautiful views and dark dungeons …You’ll visit the entire archeological area.

And what about the everyday life in Rome?

The Roman Forum is the crowded monumental heart of the city.
Visit the downtown, admire the imposing Senate house, see the temples, the Basilica: the ancient Court hall and walk on the same cobblestones Roman emperors, senators and brave commanders walked 2000 years ago!
Imagine the slave market, the crowded city hall and the beautiful Vestal virgins walking to their homes!
This walking tour is an exciting experience that will let you relive the glorious past of the Roman Empire!

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