Meet francesca:

Ciao! My name is Francesca and my city, Rome, is my passion along with whales and tea
(but don’t tell my napolitan mother, she thinks coffee is the only beverage permitted)!

I have an Art History degree and I specialized on Italian Renaissance Art.
I am a licensed Tour Guide in Rome, I have been providing tours of all the sites of the “eternal city” since 2008 and, above all, I always use all my enthusiasm and passion to try to make every tour a “once in a life time” experience.

Just like a whale every site of my city is unique and special and you need to know where to go to find the real treats I studied a lot, in every condition and noisy place, with my dog barking and as a student with my mother kitchen noises around.

I wanted to be knowledgeable and professional, but It has always been very clear in my mind what i wanted to offer:

  • knowledge for sure but i wanted to fulfill your desires, and priorities,
  • the ones I realized that were sometimes ignored by others,

I don’t want to teach anything! I want to share a unique experience with you.

I believe I became a tour guide when I realized what was missing: clients were never helped and supported in their choices and most of times were simply addressed to take pre-planned packages not relating to their interest, energies and personality!

I hope that seeing ruins, paintings and the hundreds of treasures through my eyes will help you in making Rome one of your favorite city in the world.
I believe the only possible right choice is… your choice, my aim is very simple: helping you to get the experience you and your loved ones are looking for.

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