My name is Angelica, I was born and bred in Rome, grown up surrounded by its


So in love with my city that I started studying it…I graduated first in Archaeology

and then in ancient art conservation and I kept on studying and completed a PhD

in ancient history.

I am a licensed tour guide (this among other things is a guarantee of quality), I

started working as a tour guide 18 years ago, for other companies and, the more

I observed others, the more I started thinking the way I wanted to do it!

I realize how much love my work every time I see the enthusiasm in your eyes

and every time this happens I relize I did it right. I love my city and I want you to

fall in love with it the same way i did.

I don’t want to impose what I like I want to give you you the opportunity to enjoy

my city your way. I am happy to offer my expertise and skills, knowledge and

passion to get the best out of your time here. I will love to help you in finding

your personal unique way to enjoy this extraordinary time of your life.

The Eternal City is an endless surprise, full of secrets and history, hidden under

its breathtaking beauty, its unwritten rules, its hectic rhythm! I’d love to

transport you through its millenary history, sure that you will find out that

learning has never been so pleasant!

I can’t wait to show you how joyful and how much fun it will be to discover it