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Ticket free walk
2,5 hrs
Starting time: 9:30 or 15:00
Typology: private groups only

This tour includes:

  • 2,5 hours guided walking tour
  • LICENSED official guide of Rome, specialized in archaeology, Art history and in the history of Rome.
  • Emperor’s Forums of Julius Caesar and Augustus (from outside)
  • Archaeological area of Torre Argentina (from outside)
  • Campo Marzio, piazza Montecitorio
  • Piazza Augusto Imperatore
  • Ara Pacis and Mausoleum of Augustus (from ouside, let us know if you want to add the visit inside!)

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There are no entrance fees nor admission tickets to pay, please let us know in case you want to add the visit to the ara Pacis inside we will be happy to add it!

Due to the considerable distance and to the not fully equipped path, this walking tour is not suitable for people with mobility problems.

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• From Caesar to Augustus city stroll,
the Emperors and the city •

“Et tu brute fili mei!” ... how many times have you heard this sentence??

Let’s meet Julius Caesar and Augustus in a ticket free walking tour that will take us on the trail of two of the most important commanders of the roman antiquity!

Julius Ceasar, the commander that made himself emperor, was murdered by a group of senators among which was also his adoptive son, Brutus. He didn’t believe what an oracle forecasted and he was stabbed to death in front of the Senate house, as the oracle had divined.

His adopted son Augustus, followed his foot prints and became the first emperor of the Roman age; but not just that, he was the first modern politician in history! He turned Rome into the “eternal city”, made of marble, he built temples, monuments and infrastructures. He often built them undercover, not to attract his enemies attention!

He built a monumental square, his Forum, to celebrate his victories and, last but not least, an imposing tomb. His enterprises were finally carved into stone and made immortal on the beautiful Ara PAcis, the Altar of Peace.

Let’s step into history and see with our eyes what we’ve always read about, let’s follow the footsteps of Julius Caesar and Augustus in the Eternal City!
We will admire monuments and sites in town that will tell the story of the ones that made Rome great!

We will start with the Imperial Forums: the monumental squares that Julius Caesar first and Augustus later, built to celebrate theirselves; their imposing size had to reflect their power and strenght and show to people their glorious feat.

We will see how Julius Caesar “recicled” the Senate house and the spot where he was stabbed, and…it’s not where you think it is!

Augustus, his political heir, turned the roman territory it into a “modern” world power and transformed Rome into a magnificent capital city: the traces of his work are still in front of our eyes.

We will admire his forum and we will head to Campo Marzio, his monumental square with a sundial made with an egyptian obelisk, let’s learn about modern politics through ancient stories, we will end up in Piazza Augusto imperatore Let’s see where Augustus was buried, a monumental tomb, his Mausoleum, as tall as a hill.  There we will see the imposing Ara Pacis, the Altar of Peace, built by Augustus to celebrate the peace in the Roman Empire, gained thanks to military campains, smart diplomatic efforts…and bloody carnage.

We will read his proud testament and learn about our past from his own words!

The city of Rome will not look the same after this tour and you will see that he was the first politician of the modern times, nothing has changed…except he couldn’t tweet! 😉

Duration 2/2.5 hours
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Up to 8 people

7200€ private*
8220€ private*

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