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Duration: 2 hrs
Runs:  Every day
Starting Time: 10-12 or 3.30-6.30 pm (can be modified upon request)
This Tour Includes: all the masterpieces of the gallery


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Your guide is LICENSED, LOCAL and specialized in ROME and ART HISTORY.

IMPORTANT: Tickets and headphones (compulsory for 5 or more people, price 1.50 euro each) are not included in the price and will be purchase on site.

GALLERIA DORIA-PAMPHILJ admission tickets price

ADULTS: 12 euros
CHILDREN up TO 18: 8 euros

From June to October and extra fee of 15% will be added on last minute requests (3 days before the tour date).

Don’t miss the chance to hear the behind-the-scene stories about one of the most complite private art collection in Europe.

Our licensed, local, art historian guides unveil you the secret behind one of the most famous and powerfull family in the history of the western world.

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Visit the Doria Pamphilj building with an Art Historian!
The Doria Pamphilj building is a quite hidden treasure, waiting for you in the very heart of downtown: halfway from Trevi fountain, halfway to Pantheon, few minutes far from Venezia square’s Vittoriano building. The Doria Pamphilj building is a jewel perfectly preserved as it was at the very beginning, back to the second half of the 17th century. Besides the masterpeaces hosted in the building, the rarest thing is the chance for you to stumble on the decendents of the former Doria Pamphilj owner of the building, who actually nowadays still live in the apartments and take care of the building.
This overwhelming, unique private collection is known for its quality as well as for the great number of pieces you can enjoy: Bernini’s white Carrara marble Portrait of Innocent X perhaps, or Caravaggio’s Repentant Mary Magdalene and The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt. These two artists are just few of the masters you can find here as well as at the Borghese Gallery but, please, allow us to stress the breathtaking set where the major part of the masterpieces are housed such as the four wings Gallery of Mirrors, the Pamphilj Gallery, the Doria Gallery, the Aldobrandi Gallery and plenty of others rooms of the building that will defenitely enrich your experience.

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Who are the artists you’ll discover at the Doria Pamphilj building tour?
During the 2 hours tour we will pass through the breathtaking apartments of the Doria Pamphilj building, and it will be hard to believe the great number of masterpieces you can enjoy. Besides Bernini’s and Caravaggio’s, there are some astonishing piece of art by Guercino, Raphael, Carracci, Parmigianino, Velàzquez and many more.

Duration 3 hours
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