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Duration: 2 hrs.
Runs: Every day except Friday and Sunday afternoon
Starting Time: 9.30 am and 3.00 pm
Note that according to the type of food you prefer: “savory” (for instance: pizza, supplì and fries) or “sweet”, we will suggest a different starting time!

This tour includes:

  • Walk through the heart of the city of Rome.
  • Food tasting – street food and local specialties tailored according to your tastes and desires.
  • A guided tour through the food history of Rome from ancient times to the present day. Learn about the history of our city through its food.
  • The chance to visit the oldest artisans and producers of our food in Rome.



• The icing on the tour… •

… match a food-tasting with traditional tour!

You cannot enjoy culture on an empty stomach so… how about matching a “traditional” tour with a food-tasting?!

Let’s put the icing on the cake (or better, on the tour!): choose a tour from our web-site and add a food tasting: before the tour starts or as a “happy ending”

  • a great beginning:  breakfast in Rome…discover Italy and Italians through the most important meal of the day! enjoy what and how Italians have for breakfast, learn the unwritten rules behind an Italian coffee in a typical Italian café…something unique that no hotel can offer!
  • sweet or savory food experience or wine tasting conclusion according to the season and to your personal tastes: Ice creamchocolatepizza, pasta or  – definitely the most typical Italian way of ending the day and starting a night out…an aperitivo!

• Tour Useful Information and Prices •

  • You’ll be in a group of 12 people or less.
  • Your guide is LICENSED and specialized in ROMAN HISTORY and TRADITIONS.
  • No tickets are needed for this tour, just the food expenses.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you have allergies or advise us if there’s types of food you can’t eat BEFORE booking the tour.

*If  you have a party of 9 or more please contact us to arrange your private tour.

PRICES: tour and workshop fees must be considered as a total, not per person.

From June to October: an extra fee of 15% will be added on top of the price for every last minute request (since 3 days before the date requested for the tour).

• Food Tours •

A holiday in Rome is not just about monuments, art and history, it’s much more! enjoy the Italian lifestyle beginning from our food!…definitely the best way to start!

We have 10 different food tours, according to your food passions and taste…choose yours!



You don’t need to sit for hours in an expensive restaurant: enjoy this all-round food experience where you enjoy Rome’s street food traditions

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you mad about pizza? Do you go crazy for pasta, or maybe your children can’t get enough ice cream? Well, with our food tour all of your desires will be fulfilled: we’ll stuff your tummies with great food, we’ll fill your hearts with the beauty of our city and expand your mind with wonderful stories connected to our food traditions! Our walking tour in the heart of the city will let you discover, in just a few hours, the best places to taste and enjoy the best Roman specialties – off and on the beaten track.

We will sample Rome’s classic, tasty fried foods, learn how different cultures have contributed to our cuisine; and explore the fascinating narrow streets in the heart of the city – your guide will show you were to go to find the best around town.

We’ll wander through our beautiful city with you looking for the best bakeries, explaining the Roman, Jewish-Roman and Italian traditions, – and we’ll take you to taste the Pope’s favorite chocolate. This tour is for anyone who wants to learn more about Rome, who loves to eat delicious food and for anyone looking for a non-traditional tour of Rome! Enjoy your… tour!


How about a workshop that will give you and your family the chance to see what really goes on behind the scenes in an Italian kitchen?!

If tasting isn’t enough for you and you want to surprise your friends back home with what you’ve learned, or if you want to spend some quality time with your family doing something together…this is an experience you cannot miss!

We’ll take you to discover the secrets that make Italian food magic, see with your eyes how it’s all prepared and then finally get to eat your favorite food!

Learn the secrets of ice cream, freshly made pasta and pizza making then enjoy eating what has been created in front of you! If you are tired, don’t feel like cooking or just plain unsure of what to do… Let others cook for you! Enjoy the pleasure of a tasting adventure with us or with the help of expert Ice cream masters, cooks, bakers and sommeliers!


If you’re crazy about pizza, can’t get enough of it, want to know everything about it and, of course, want to eat the best in town… you cannot miss this exclusive tour

Are you crazy about pizza? Can’t wait to land in Italy to have all the pizza that you can eat? What will happen when you realize that pizza Hawaii doesn’t exist here but there are many different kinds you don’t know and you don’t want to miss any? What shall you have? A Napoletana or Romana? Focaccia or Genovese? Stuffed white pizza or a famous branded Bonci one? A round one in a restaurant or sliced one to take around while you visit the city? “Alla pala” or “al taglio”?!!

Here’s your chance… Don’t miss our Pizza Tour! You’ll have the time of your life wandering in the city streets and laneways, tasting the best pizzas in town and learning about our food, culture and habits!


If you have always wondered “how can pizza taste so good?!”, this is a chance you cannot miss: see behind the scenes of what makes this street food the most loved in the world!

We will take you trough the heart of Rome to one of the best pizza bakeries in Rome, famous for its special recipe. Led by an expert you’ll follow the whole pizza making process (so you can steal their secrets!), choose your favorite ingredients, bake the pizza yourself and finally eat it! Your family will love this time spent together and see the backstage process!


An ice-cream a day keeps the doctor away! At least this is what Italian doctors say… and as they say, the doctor is always right!

This is your chance to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about gelato but were afraid to ask!

Are you crazy about ice cream? Did you realize that our monuments look much better (to you and your children) if you have an Ice-cream in your hands?! Is the promise of an ice cream the best way to let your children resist a long day spent in a museum?

Want to find out what makes a “gelato” so good?

Then it’s time to go for an ice cream adventure: we’ll take you to one of the best ice cream shops in downtown Rome where you and your children have the chance to follow the complete process of ice cream making! Choose ingredients based on your favorite flavors and then, just in time to have your mouth water, your gelato will be ready! You can enjoy eating the ice cream you’ve watched being made and see for yourself how fresh, natural and tasty it is! Your kids will love it!


Can you resist everything but fried food?! Frying is a very democratic way of cooking… everything can be fried! So let’s learn what goes into a fryer and how we do it in Rome!

We will take you into a brain-frying experience, where you can taste the best fried foods in Rome, learn how different cultures from all over Italy and the Mediterranean have contributed to our cooking. We’ll take you to places not listed in guidebooks where Romans go just to enjoy fried food!

We’ll shake up your liver with veggie, fish and fried meats, sweet and savory specialties, Roman and Jewish recipes. We’ll travel in time and through cultures, unveiling the secrets of our grannies, telling you about our religious feasts and how food was cooked for those occasions.

You’ll learn that there is a fried food for every season and moment of the day… NYC policemen and Homer Simpson aren’t the only ones who love fried donuts!!!


If you can’t end your day without a little piece of chocolate or a spoon of ice cream… This is your tour! Are you the one that always saves a little room at the end of a meal for dessert, are you always ready to swap a regular meal for a good cake?!

We will love to take you for a stroll through the city tasting the best sweets of Rome and, believe it or not, you’ll learn about history too! You’ll experience Roman, Jewish-Roman and Italian traditions, taste the Pope’s favorite chocolate and the best pastries in town, come along with us to the oldest bakeries in town that are definitely off the beaten track and away from the tourist traps! Let’s taste test the best cakes, dessert, cookies and biscuits, from breakfast to evening, from refined designer pastries to local grandma recipes… this tour will make your day even sweeter!


Unfortunately we cannot lend you our grandma… But we can show you the secret of our happiness: home made pasta!

You don’t need to have an Italian grandma to enjoy the best, fresh home-made pasta!

How about making your own pasta with the help of an expert chef?! Let us take you to a workshop where, guided by an expert cook, you will choose the pasta you prefer (do you know we have more than 100 shapes and recipes?!) and your favorite sauce: you will be there making, cooking, and finally eating your own pasta!

If you are looking for a magic combo just snap your fingers and a wine expert will be there for you and suggest the best wines to match with your meal or they will offer you a complete wine tasting!


Wine comes in at the mouth,
And love comes in at the eye (W.B.Yeats)

If you are a wine lover but not an expert and would love to know more about wine while having an unforgettable time then this sparkling tour is for you! Give your children an ice-cream tour and run with us to enjoy the pleasures of a wine tasting!

An expert sommelier will guide you through a selection of the best Italian wines while you enjoy a variety of local cold cuts and delicious cheeses. Be surprised by your skills at recognizing the differences and qualities of “Bacchus’ gift to mankind”! If all this is making your mouth water, you can match this tour with a gourmet dinner, made by you during our dedicated pasta workshop!

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