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Duration: 2 hrs approx
Runs:  Every Day upon request
Starting Time: 10, 12 or 3.30, 5.30 pm (can be modified upon request)
This Tour Includes: all the masterpieces of the museum
Note: only private
Tickets Price: Adults € 9,00, Reduced € 8,00

Note: Tickets are not included in the price and will be purchased on site

GUIDES: are local, licensed and expert in Art History and Archaeology

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  • Your guide will be LICENSED and specialized in ROMAN ARCHAEOLOGY.
  • The cost of the museum entry tickets in NOT included in the tour guide fees.
    You’ll buy the tickets yourself on site, the day of the tour.
  • Centrale Montemartini Tickets Cost: € 9,00 each (ADULTS); € 8 (REDUCED)

PRICES: Guide fees must be considered as a total, not per person

From June to October: an extra fee of 15% will be added on top of the price for every last minute request (since 3 days before the date requested for the tour)

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Visit the Centrale Montemartini museum with an Art Historian!

It’s pretty rare to find in Rome an industrial archeology building converted to museum, so rare that as a matter of fact there is actually only one: the Centrale Montemartini museum, a former public electricity plant and now a fascinating exhibition space, situated on the left bank of the Tiber, in the living Ostiense district.

Some years after the unification of Italy, in the early 1900, Ostiense was chosen as a magniloquent former industrial area and was a witness of our industrial revolution. Set in the heart of Rome, between Trastevere and Testaccio, it was the perfect spot to invest in modernity. Unfortunately because of its high cost, most of the buildings had been eventually abandoned and slowly converted into some cultural centers: as the former air force building became the perfect facade for the masterpiece of Blue, the most famous italian street artist, or the slaughterhouse that became the Macro Museum and, of course, the Centrale Montemartini. The museum houses a mesmerizing collection of classical sculptures. Imagine vast rooms with liberty style furnishings, engines, steam boilers mixed with amazing marble sculptures from the Temple of Apollo Sosianus: that’s certainly quite an experience!

While you are at it, how about joining us on our Street Art Tour in the very same district? We talked about Blue’s masterpiece, but we assure you there are planty of other great murals on walls and buildings of this very unique district.

What you’ll discover at the Centrale Montemartini museum tour?

The main part of the sculptures at the Centrale Montemartini museum come from the excavation that took place at the late 1800. The museum is articulated in three sections: the Republican period, the Gardens & Imperial residences and Historical Centre of Rome; the exposition is caracterized by a twine of classical and industrial archeological images, therefore incredibile suggestions.

Don’t miss the chance to hear the behind-the-scene stories about one of the most interesting mix of ancient time and modernism.
Our licensed, local, art historian guides allow you to make this great leap through History, in order to enjoy both the industrial and historical beauty.

Duration 3 hours
Number of peopleType of Tour

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