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Duration: 4 hrs.
Runs: Daily except for the first Sunday of each month.
Start Time: 8.15AM – 3.00PM.

This Ancient Rome Extended Guided Tour includes:

  • Skip the Line to all sites
  • Colosseum
  • Arch of Costantine
  • Roman Forum (with Arch of Titus, Temple of Julius Caesar and more)
  • Palatine Hill

Add to the standard Colosseum & Roman Forum tour an (easy) climb of the Palatine Hill to visit the ruins of Caesars’ Palace.



• Ancient Rome Tour – Extended •

ROME!! You’ve watched movies about it, studied it in school, read about it in books, and now you are finally here! An Ancient Rome – Extended Guided Tour  is tailored to satisfy all your curiosity. You are walking on the coble stones of the Eternal City: the city from where, more than 2000 years ago, the fate of a huge empire was decided by charismatic and unscrupulous emperors!

If you love Roman history, if you are fascinated by our glorious past and want to get the best out of this experience…GIVE YOURSELF AN UNFORGETTABLE GIFT: the ANCIENT ROME EXTENDE GUIDED TOUR: a four hour walking tour in the heart of the ancient city with a local, licensed guide! A charismatic archaeologist will make this walk unforgettable and fun and you will not miss a thing!

How does the Ancient Rome Extended Guided Tour work?

Our walk will start with the Colosseum: skip the line and enter the greatest amphitheatre of ancient times! You will be astonished by the technology used to build it and by its perfect structure! You’ll relive its glory as you enter, like an ancient Roman, through one of its original gates. Cruel gladiatorial combats, animal fights, executions and spectacular shows will come alive again through the words of your guide! Hear what happened behind the scenes of these great events during your Ancient Rome Extended Guided Tour: bets, corruption, love, intrigue and conspiracies!

Climb up to the second tier: from here you will have the best view of the arena and the dark underground areas, the beating heart of the Colosseum!…it will be fun to compare it with our modern arenas, games, snacks, drinks and entertainments!

Leave the Colosseum and arrive at the arch of Constantine, the emperor that legalised Christianity. Then on to the Arch of Titus with its Menorah – then enter the Roman Forum, the downtown of the ancient city and walk along the streets of the triumphs, surrounded by the court, temples, banks and schools. See the city archives and where the slave market was, admire the imposing Senate House, the remains of the Temple of Julius Caesar and enjoy the colourful atmosphere of an ancient city.

What extras are there compare to a Classic Ancient Rome Walk?

With the extended version of the Ancient Rome Guided Tour, you’ll discover the secrets of most famous of the seven hills of Rome … Look up from the Roman Forum valley! A very easy walk will take us to the top of the Palatine Hill, where the imposing remains of the Imperial Palace are still visible! Banquets, political battles, all the elegance and beauty of these halls: all this will be brought to life through the words of your enthusiastic guide in an unforgettable walk through the ruins…

Time will fly by that you won’t believe, as you slip away from Ancient Rome and back to the present day, that you met your guide 4 hours ago!

Please note: that from October to February Colosseum and Roman Forum will close at 4:30 PM.

• Tour Useful Information and Prices •

  • You’ll be in groups of max. 12 people.
  • Your guide is LICENSED and specialized in ROMAN HISTORY.
  • The cost of the Colosseum entry tickets are NOT included in the tour guide fees.
    Buy your tickets and save your money!! The online procedure is very easy!
    After paying the deposit to secure the tour, we will send you the online booking procedure to get your admission tickets.
  • Colosseum Skip the Line Tickets PRICE:  Each ticket costs 14 euro, Children under 18 do not pay entry tickets (just the 2 euros reservation fee).

*If  you have a party of 9 or more please contact us to arrange your private tour.

From June to October and extra fee of 15% will be added on last minute requests (3 days before the tour date)

PRICES: The guide fee must be considered as a total, not per person

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Duration 4 hours
Number of peopleType of Tour

Small Group

Up to 8 people

7280€ private*
8295€ private*

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